Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning

If you have an older model bike, one without fuel injection, you have likely had to deal with a poor idling, a bike that is difficult to start, or one that just doesn’t run without the choke. It doesn’t seem to matter how many tune-ups you get, it still runs like crap. Letting a bike sit for extended periods or storing your bike will lead to clogged carburetors.

Bring your bike to us and we’ll completely disassemble your carbs and run them through our ultrasonic cleaner making them work like new. While they are in the ultrasonic tank we hand clean each jet and adjust the float bowl level to ensure the best possible carburetor function.

It’s the best solution to the nagging problem of faulty carburetors.

Carb cleaning and rebuild services generally take 1 hour ($95/hr) per carburetor. So if you have 4 carburetors it will take 4 hours x $110 = $380 (some will take less time and price will be adjusted down when complete). We can do it cheaper without the ultrasonic cleaner or pulling all the jets but we'd rather do it right.
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Post Date:Oct 4, 2019
Exp. Date:Nov 3, 2019
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