WINDCHILLER Personal Mister

The Windchiller™ Personal Hand Held Misting Fans are the most advanced Personal Hand Held Misting Fans and Misters sold today. They are much more then the personal hand held spray bottles with fans
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Channellock 7 1/2 Needlenose Plier

These professional quality long nose pliers are useful for pulling, twisting, holding and cutting. Crosshatch pattern on jaws grips work tightly Knife and anvil style cutting edge Perfect mating
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Bulls Eye Quick Patch 3x6

Quick Patch Repair Patch - in 3″ x 6″. A one-of-a-kind unique product, Quick Patch comes out of the package as pliable as a Band-Aid. Ten minutes later with UV light it transforms into a hard
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Sprinkler Gun Cart

Used for a temporary sprinkler system during fire season to keep areas green. Dust suppression or an irrigation method for a field that currently does not have a system. Portable and easy to
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Irrigation Valves - Ezvalve4

eZyvalve®4 A compact valve box with 4 internal solenoid valves that connect to an irrigation controller. Installation is uncomplicated and the eZyvalve®4 provides a trouble free way to distribute
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no-det tape blue water

NON-DETECTABLE/6 INCH - WATER LEGEND 6″ Blue – Water Line Marking Tape Features 6 inch x 1000 ft Roll/ 4 mil – Non-Detectable Blue Caution Water Line Below APWA color coded and
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Electrical Line marking tape

6″ Red – Electrical Line Marking Tape Features 6 inch x 1000 ft Roll/ 4 mil – Non-Detectable Red Caution Electric Line Below APWA color coded and permanently printed Standard stock. Call
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Rainbird Low Flow Ag Sprinklers

The Rain Bird LF Series Sprinkler is built rugged to withstand the harsh conditions in agricultural applications. It has been designed to combine the advantages of an impact sprinkler with stream
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Climate Logic Weather Sensor

For simple, water saving, weather-following, automatic irrigation control, Irritrol® introduces the Climate Logic wireless weather system. Consisting of two components; a wireless transmitting
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drip emitters - ladybug and frog

One gallon per hour drip emitters in the fun shape of a little frog or ladybug. Cute for when the drippers will be visible For use with drip tubing as shown in the image or at the end of 1/4" drip
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