For New Riders, still time in 2019!

There is still time to get licensed this year. Our objectives: have fun, ride well, ride safe. Road test and MST included. We specialize in motorcycle rider training, on a wide variety of
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V-twin : Aug 9, 3:48 PM

For Riders with Some Experience but

Still time to get licensed this year. Take the MST in days, not weeks, with V-Twin as part of our Accelerated Rider Training, and book your road test. If you have some previous experience - perhaps
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Instructors Needed

Seeking experienced instructors, or will train. Instructors are needed in Penticton and Kamloops. An Instructor Course is scheduled for Fall 2019. Call now, as you will need to pre-qualify with
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Traffic Wise, Traffic Wary

This course is for you if: * You are a new rider, learning on your own or from friends, or * You took motorcycle skills training from another school, or * You are coming back to motorcycling
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Motorcycle Road Test - Bike Rental

Road tests appointments are booked weeks out. Give yourself the best chance of success by taking a one-on-one road test preparation session with one of our experienced instructors. We'll give you
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Motorcycle Skills Test - Motorcycle

Skills tests at ICBC are backed up for weeks; fail, and you go to the end of the line. Give yourself the best chance of success by getting some coaching from the experts with an MST Preparation.
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Motorcycle Owner Maintenance

Get your bike ready for the season, and maintain your ride yourself. Learn how with an Owner Maintenance course. This is hands-on experience, with everyone contributing... not just watching an
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"Sampler" course

Not sure you want to become a motorcycle rider? Try a "Sampler" before you commit to the full course. You'll get a 2 hour riding only lesson for $100, and if you like it and think it's for you - then
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