For New Riders:

Our objectives: have fun, ride well, ride safe. Road test and MST included. We specialize in motorcycle rider training, on a wide variety of motorcycles that fit riders from 4 ft 9 inches tall, to
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For Riders with Some Experience but

Riding with no license, or riding off-road and want to be licensed? Take the MST in days, not weeks, with V-Twin as part of our Accelerated Rider Training, and book your road test. If you have some
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Motorcycle Road Test - Bike Rental

Road tests appointments are booked weeks out. Give yourself the best chance of success by taking a one-on-one road test preparation session with one of our experienced instructors. We'll give you
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Motorcycle Skills Test - Motorcycle

Skills tests at ICBC are backed up for weeks; fail, and you go to the end of the line. Give yourself the best chance of success by getting some coaching from the experts with an MST Preparation.
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Traffic Wise, Traffic Wary

This course is for you if: * You are a new rider, learning on your own or from friends, or * You took motorcycle skills training from another school, or * You are coming back to motorcycling
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"Sampler" course

Not sure you want to become a motorcycle rider? Try a "Sampler" before you commit to the full course. You'll get a 2 hour riding only lesson for $100, and if you like it and think it's for you - then
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