Jeep up-grades

Looking for up grades to your Jeep, Four Function is now doing Jeep up grades and accessories. We can do everything from superchargers, lockers and gear sets to lift kits, some exceptions apply.
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Four Function : Mar 10, 8:07 PM

Factory Trained Tech

Factory trained GM Grandmaster Tech taking limited bookings on GM cars and trucks. Specialized in GM high performance platforms. Some exceptions apply, please call to find out more.
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Four Function : Mar 10, 7:54 PM

HP Tuners

HP Tuners allows us to go into your stock ECM and make changes to maximize hp and torque and turn off codes. Some exceptions apply and some limitations on ECM's. Call for or E-mail for more
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Four Function : Dec 10, 10:06 AM

VW Malone Tunes

Four Function Autosport is a Malone Tuning dealer. If you have a VW or Euro car that could use some more power, give us a call at 778-753-5691.
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Four Function : Nov 5, 9:08 PM

Subaru EJ 2.5

Crawford S1 EJ25 short block for sale. -Custom grind JE Pistons -Coated race bearings -Completely refreshed at K&S machine including line hone, resizing of rods, decked, hot tanked, crank
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Four Function : Oct 20, 6:36 PM

Subaru air pump delete

Subaru air pump delete starting at $300 call for details. Or E-mail at
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Four Function : Oct 19, 8:24 PM

Motul engine oil

Motul engine oil, gear oil and brake fluid in stock. E-mail at
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Four Function : Oct 19, 8:21 PM

AWD Dyno Tuning

Dyno tuning 2wd and AWD starting at $550 on our state of the art Dynocom 15000 FX. Some exceptions may apply, call for more details. Or E-mail at
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Four Function : Oct 19, 8:15 PM

Custom exhaust system

Custom stainless steel exhaust systems built to your specs, call for details. Or E-mail at
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Four Function : Oct 14, 11:24 AM