VAGCOM / VCDS Services

VCDS will perform most of the functions of the expensive electronic diagnostic tools available only to official dealers. In the past, these dealership-only tools have prevented owners, and many small
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Classified Motorsports : Dec 21, 3:05 PM

Standalone ECU / Other Tuning

Other tuning platforms and standalone ECU options Classified Motorsports is a dealer for and is proficient in tuning include: - Haltech - Link ECU - Hondata S300 - Emtron - Motec - Apexi
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Classified Motorsports : Dec 21, 2:44 PM

Hondata Dyno Tuning and FlashPro

Classified Motorsports HONDATA pro-tuning and re-flashing offers huge power gains to your Honda or Acura. With HONDATA we are able to modify factory Honda and Acura engine computers (ECUs), adding
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Classified Motorsports : Dec 19, 12:52 PM

UpRev Dyno Tuning

Classified Motorsports is a proud UpRev pro-tuner for all your Nissan and Infinity factory ECU needs! With UpRev, you can take your car to the next level with complete control and confidence.
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Classified Motorsports : Dec 19, 12:28 PM

COBB Pro Tuning

We have been pro-tuning COBB Accessports for over 8 years. COBB pro-tunes have always been the most commonly performed tune at the shop, especially after we brought in our AWD dyno. COBB is easily
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HP Tuners Dyno Tuning

Classified Motorsports is a proud HP Tuners pro-tuner. With our AWD dyno we are happy to provide HP Tuners support for nearly all of your domestic needs. No other commercial package available
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Unitronic Performance Software

Classified Motorsports is a proud Unitronic performance dealer for all of your Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche needs. Unitronic guarantees the highest in industry leading technology and power for
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