Smith & Wesson Fixed Blade Knife

Smith & Wesson Rescue knife with sharpener and sheath. Priced at only $40 for the kit. City Pawn, 1936 Windsor
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citypawnkelowna : Jun 26, 9:43 AM

Pocket Knives - Fixed Blade Folding

City Pawn has a great selection of pocket knives, buck knives, and throwing knives. Check out our selection today! City Pawn, 1936 Windsor Rd.
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citypawnkelowna : Jun 26, 9:42 AM

Revision Range Glasses Shooting

Revision Military range glasses with extra interchangeable lens. Travel pouch included. Priced at only $40. City Pawn, 1936 Windsor
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citypawnkelowna : Jun 26, 9:41 AM

Sockets Pipe Wrench Drywall Tools

We have a toonie bin full of hand tools. You can score some great savings with this bin! We have pipe wrenches, paint rollers, drywall tools, and more for only $2 each. All loose sockets and
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citypawnkelowna : Jun 26, 9:25 AM

Faerie Lore and Decoratives

City Pawn has a unique collection of faerie lore pieces. Come down and see what we have on offer! City Pawn, 1936 Windsor
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citypawnkelowna : Jun 26, 9:23 AM

Stolen Bike - Jewellery - Goods

At City Pawn we strive to purchase, pawn, and sell legitimate goods. If you are a victim of theft please report it to the RCMP with a description and serial number, if applicable. You can also email
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citypawnkelowna : Jun 24, 10:32 AM

Pawn Broker in Kelowna - Pawnshop

City Pawn provides collateral loans in Kelowna. Collateral loans in pawn shops are convenient and can get you out of a bind! Bring your valuable to City Pawn and we will work together to get you
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citypawnkelowna : Jun 24, 10:32 AM

Short Term Loans

City Pawn has been servicing Kelowna for over 8 years while providing short-term, collateral loans. Whether you need money for a bill, rent, or even a dinner date City Pawn can help! We provide
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City Pawn Broker Collateral Loans

If you need extra cash to get by this weekend or to pay a bill come to City Pawn. We provide collateral loans. With an upbeat and positive atmosphere, we will work together to get you the most money
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Table Saws and Power Tools

We buy quality used power tools. We are always buying and selling miter saws, table saws, and other power tools including cordless drills and saws. If you have any power tools you are looking to
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citypawnkelowna : Jun 22, 10:32 AM