RV LED Bulbs 921 - T10 - 194 - 1156

Replace your light bulbs with low power consumption LED's. Most of the draw on your batteries is from the lights! Also, if you want to leave a light on for the kids you can do so without drawing your battery down. Some rv bulbs draw as much as 28watts each. Led replacements are in the range of 1.5 - 3W each. That's right basically two 1156 bulbs incandescent bulbs use similar power to 20 led replacements.

I have several different LED Light options.

At RV store: $17.95/bulb

My Price:
1156 Led bulbs 13smd Led's (older style) $6 / bulb.
1156 Led bulbs 18smd Led's little brighter/longer $8 / bulb
When buying 10 or more of either bulb take $1 of each bulb price.

Newer trailers T10-921-194 27SMD Wedge style $6 / bulb
New Product T10-921-194 42SMD Wedge style round bulb brighter $8
When buying 10 or more bulbs take $1 per bulb off price.

I have these bulbs in my RV so can show you how they look before you buy. I generally purchase the "warm light" style as they most closely replicate the incandescent bulbs I am replacing. Some prefer the Pure White and I have those as well.

Additionally, I have RGB Color waterproof LED light strips that run the length of your awning. Come with 5 meter light strip, 12volt power cord, and remote control. Very cool at night, low power use and very cool! Again you can see a demo on my trailer. Light strips $59.99

I also have inventory on LED Light bars, worklights and LED Headlight kit replacements!
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Text 250.317.1544 or email. [email protected]
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