Marvel Pump

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Pump Marvel uses pressure from a garden hose, rather than electricity, to pump water. While not intended to outperform the speed of electric submersible pumps, Pump Marvel is great in situations where you can’t use electricity (Pump Marvel recently saved one person’s basement from flooding when the power was out and the sump pump wasn’t running). It also works great in areas where, for safety reasons, you don't want to mix water and electricity, such as draining hot tubs and taking the water off of winter pool covers. Pump Marvel includes a 12′ expandable 1 1/4″ discharge hose that is easy to store. Pump Marvel will also accept a 1 1/2″ pool hose. Pump Marvel is Not a Siphon, it is a True Pump: - It doesn’t lose its prime. - It can lift discharge water up to 20′ high. - Pump Marvel drains 13 times faster than siphoning or draining with a garden hose. Uses: - Draining spas/hot tubs - Safely removing water from pool covers - Preventing flooded basements during a power outage - Removing unwanted water from construction sites, flat roofs, patios, lawns, washing machines, dishwashers - Easily bail boats - Empty blow-up pools, fountains and koi ponds Pump Marvel Outperforms Traditional Submersible Pumps: It drains water down to 1/8″ so you don’t have to worry about removing the other 2 – 3″ that a submersible leaves behind. - It won’t burn out if run dry. - Has no moving parts to wear out. - Made of high strength PVC, Pump Marvel is virtually indestructible. - If there is debris in the water that is being drained, i.e. leaves in the water on the top of a pool cover, the debris will not block the intake as long as Pump Marvel is positioned flat on the bottom, a feat that can be managed by one person by using a standard pool pole that attaches to the top of Pump Marvel. A 1″ PVC pipe up to 4′ long can fit into the bottom of Pump Marvel which will allow it to suck water out of confined spaces, like sump holes, washing machines and aquariums.
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Post Date:Jul 22, 2019
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