Professional family friendly movers

$100hour for 2 movers with 16, 20, or 26 foot truck
$130/hour for 3 movers wiith 16, 20, or 26 foot truck
*3 different size box trucks available*

I have 10 years and well over 1000 moves experience. I know the tricks to the trade and take pride in saving my customers lots of money and stress. I provide a very simple and easy-going moving service. The way it should be.

$100/hour *TOTAL*(taxes already included) for 2 of us WITH 20 foot moving truck equipped with dollies/blankets/shrink-wrap/floor protectors/mattress bags & boxes, and all the necessary tools and equipment to make sure your move is done safe, quick, and efficiently. Our trucks come with load-bearing bars that are put in place vertically and horizontally for that extra bit of assurance that nothing will tip or move during transportation. We put these bars in place after the usual tie-downs and padding/protection.

*There is a 2 hour minimum and a $30 fuel charge for moves within Kelowna
**We do not charge more for any amount of stairs or heavy items/appliances or anything like that. Absolutely no other fees or charges whatsoever

We also do long distance moves! I have lots of customers happy to speak on my behalf and tell you about the money and stress they saved by having me come check out their move first. For out of town moves, I like to come check out your stuff or get a detailed breakdown and then give you a set flat-rate price. That price would be for all expenses included and does not/will not increase for any reason whatsoever. No deposit necessary and we collect payment *AFTER* we unload. I offer extra cheap rates to Vancouver and the island as I have family there and take any move as a chance to visit.

I appreciate my clients and all the work I get and I take pride in providing a classic, family friendly service. Moving can be stressful and tough physically, I enjoy helping people out with all of that because it's easy for me as a 6'5 220 pound guy with viking like strength.. and because you're paying me your hard earned money to! Absolutely zero hidden fees or scammy things like that.

*We have moving boxes and tote bins available for purchase with free delivery. (Can also check out your move in-person at the same time and give a quote) Professional packing services also available. Please ask for more details if you're interested.

To book us now or if you have any questions, call or text me at any time and I'll be happy to help out. Thank you!

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