Frogbox Moving Boxes

1. We Drop Off Your FROGBOX Moving Boxes

No need to drive to pick up expensive cardboard moving boxes. FROGBOXES are dropped off to your home or office.

2. You Pack Your Stuff in FROGBOX Moving Boxes and Move to Your New Pad

Our eco-friendly plastic moving boxes make packing quicker and easier.

No more building and taping cardboard moving boxes. FROGBOXES are roomy and don't collapse.
FROGBOXES are much easier to handle than cardboard. They stack perfectly, protect your valuables, and are waterproof and have ergonomic handles.
FROGBOX also offers dollies and other moving supplies to make your move even easier.

3. We Pick Up Your FROGBOX Moving Boxes

Once you are moved in and unpacked, one of our FROGBOX trucks picks up the plastic moving boxes at your new place. This means you can spend your time enjoying your new house, not breaking down cardboard boxes and figuring out what to do with them.

Also perfect for your Office Move. No need to spend time and money picking up and building cardboard banker boxes when we will deliver Frogboxes that are ready for you to pack.

We can help with your move around Kelowna, across the valley or across the country.

Give us a call at 250-769-FROG (3764) or email [email protected]

You can also check us out online at
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