Free Bible Study

From the moment we can talk, we ask questions.

Why is the sky blue?
What are the stars made of?
Why do bad things happen?
Where do we come from?
Why do people die?

People go to great lengths to find answers. Today, there is more information available than ever before.

But the big questions —questions about life, suffering, and death—still remain.

Where can we find answers? What if the answers have been there all along in the Bible? A lot of people say, the Bible is full of myths and legends. That it’s outdated. Or it’s just too hard to understand. But is the Bible really the problem, or is it what people think they know about the Bible?

Many people have strong opinions about the Bible even though they have never read it.

Many opinions are based on what we hear or read about the Bible. A Bible study helps a person to see what the Bible really teaches. If you are interested, in finding out what the Bible can teach us. Please reply to this ad.
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