Chinese Tui Na massage

Chinese Tui Na massage clinic opening downtown Kelowna. Reflexology, Chinese meridian deep massage therapy, hot stone, scraping and cupping. Come discover the difference in massage quality only found in true Chinese massage therapy. Whether you're in pain and need to be healed or just want to be pampered and soothed, we can send you home relaxed and with a smile. Professional massage treatments only, no soliciting whatsoever. Come enjoy the Orient, right here in Kelowna!

Tui Na - treats chronic pain, especially that caused by muscle-skeletal conditions and injuries. Neck, shoulder and back pain and immobility, sciatica and 'tennis elbow' all respond very well.
It is, however, impossible to treat a specific condition with Tui Na without improving the overall Qi status of the body.
This means that headaches, migraines, IBS, constipation, PMS and a whole range of emotional problems can also be treated

Foot Reflexology - Most people fall asleep during treatment, and everyone is amazed at how they feel with regular or as needed appointments
This is not a spa / pedicure treatment. This is a Reflexology Treatment on regular Massage Therapy tables.

Head Massage - is often effective in easing the pain of migraine attacks. Use this massage before an attack to delay migraine or make the symptoms milder. Regular sessions of Head Massage is said to extend the periods between migraine attacks. Massaging parts of the face and scalp can help to reduce the number of tension headaches and in some cases eliminates them.

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Mon -Fri 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
(604) - 760 0896 Min
104-1441(Ricco Plaza) Ellis st Kelowna

About us:
We are a 100% professional, Therapeutic
and relaxation massage provider.
No illicit services are provided ,so please don’t ask
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Address:104-1441 Ellis st
Kelowna, British Columbia
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