Poultry Manure for Sale - Bulk Load

Poultry manure for sale in bulk loads. Delivery in 12 to 28 tonne loads. Priced and sold by the tonne. Excellent source of nutrition to maintain or build up soil nutrient levels for optimum crop
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Reimers Farm Service Ltd : May 10, 6:20 AM

Shavings, Sawdust and Hog Fuel

SPF (spruce/pine/fir) sawdust and kiln dried shavings. Cedar also available at a lower price. We deliver in bulk, in sizes from 5 VMU (35 cubic yard) and all the way up to 20 VMU (150 cubic yard)
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Reimers Farm Service Ltd : May 8, 4:36 PM

Beekeeping Supplies

Okanagan Beekeeping Supplies Offering a wide variety of beekeeping equipment and protective clothing, we can supply everything you need to get started on a new adventure or to expand your
West Kelowna
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66Bayflight : May 27, 3:57 PM


Treat your pup to a professional groom by Ali Wood at Fitzpatrick
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FitzpatrickKennels : May 27, 12:21 PM

Pet Care in Lakeview, West Kelowna

You can be stress free while you are away, knowing your pet will have lots of good care and attention. I can come to your Lakeview Heights home for drop-in visits with your cat, to feed, clean
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DLK family : May 24, 6:42 PM

Kelowna Pet Sitting - Veterinary As

LICENSED, BONDED & INSURED PROFESSIONAL,KIND,CARING I bring over 20 years of experience in Animal Health Careas a Veterinary Assistant. Over this period of time I have been lucky to have cared for
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Kelowna Pet Sitting : May 21, 10:36 AM

Horse Board w/indoor arena $525.

Summerland: The Big Top Equestrian Centre welcomes ALL types, shapes, sizes, breeds and disciplines are welcome to come board their horses and ride! Top notch Indoor arena - 60 x 180 feet of
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curlystandardplace : May 16, 6:07 AM


Treat your pup to a professional groom and Book Now with Ali Wood at Fitzpatrick
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FitzpatrickKennels : May 8, 1:25 PM

Join UBC diabetes research

Join this clinical trial by the University of British Columbia on the effects of exercise on type 2 diabetes The study aims to assess if movement breaks positively impact blood sugar control in
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Movement Breaks UBCO : Apr 30, 3:30 PM