Vernon chamber wants action
Biz Releases Aug 30, 2019

The Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce wants more information on a tiny mussel that has created some big challenges in Okanagan Lake this summer. In a letter to the federal government, the chamber recognized the deferral of the proposed reclassification of the Rocky Mountain Ridged Mussel under the Species at Risk Act (SARA) for further study. […]

Treat your insides well
Columnists Aug 29, 2019

By Tom Kernaghan Love your life from the inside out, and you will discover and maintain your complete wellness. For Judy Holt, owner of Lake Country’s JH Health Coaching, this is a way of life—one she has been committed to for 29 years. As a certified holistic life coach and an independent Shaklee distributor, Holt […]

Massage for well-being
Columnists Aug 21, 2019

By: Tom Kernaghan Give a person a massage and they can reach a state of well-being. Teach a person how to massage and they can reach their potential. For Sharon Strang, instructor and owner of Focus Bodywork, life is about seeing possibilities and literally using your hands to fulfill your dreams.  Sharon is a 25-year veteran […]

Enter the ‘Self Love Circle’
Columnists Aug 14, 2019

By Tom Kernaghan Cindy Maki once made a rocking chair with the legs on backwards. While this was an amusing mishap on a path to a woodworking career she didn’t pursue, there is nothing accidental about her true work. For Cindy, a trained life coach and energy healer, getting unstuck and moving forward in life […]

‘Book whisperer’ knows stories
Columnists Aug 07, 2019

By Tom Kernaghan “Connect to your story, your purpose, your why.” Pamela Lynch believes your book matters and encourages you to hone your skills as a unique storyteller. She guides you through the book creation process from concept to celebration. Lynch’s commitment is to help you birth your book and share it with your audience. […]

Get that fulfilled feeling
Columnists Jul 31, 2019

By Tom Kernaghan How do you take charge of a frigging monkey on an emotional roller-coaster? First of all, stop listening to its crap. Secondly, don’t get on the ride just because it wants you to. Thirdly, create a new reality ride for yourself and shift in that direction. If all of this sounds as […]

Bowen leads the way
Columnists Jul 24, 2019

By Tom Kernaghan You’re at the centre of it all. Your potential influence, that is. For Karen Bowen and her team at ManagerKnowHow (MKH), high leadership effectiveness begins with personal mastery and radiates outward to impact all aspects of life and work. It’s about harnessing self-awareness to maximum effect in all decisions and situations, and […]

Health Flows finds balance
Columnists Jul 17, 2019

By Tom Kernaghan Relax, release, and recharge. If this sounds straightforward and doable, then you already have an idea of how Jolanda Himmelstein works and what she offers. For Himmelstein, a multi-skilled holistic practitioner and owner of Health Flows, balance and well-being do not have to be complicated or out of reach. It is about […]

Adkin gets to real issue
Columnists Jul 11, 2019

By Tom Kernaghan It is never too late to become the person you are capable of being. But what is getting in the way of you reaching your potential? That is exactly what Annette Adkin of Pure Insights Counselling can help you to explore, reveal and ultimately move through. For 28 years, Adkin has been […]

Ananda finds path to peace
Columnists Jun 26, 2019

By Tom Kernaghan For Shri Ananda, the path to peace starts by journeying inward and holding a lamp to our lies. He has walked this road, knows the signs and carries a light to help others find their way toward healing. As a spiritual life coach and the visionary founder of Kelowna’s Wellness Realization, a […]