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Cheers Okanagan Tours Ltd. is looking for a couple of key people with The Right Stuff. This is a self-selecting job advertisement. You choose to opt in or out in accordance with your personality traits, particular characteristics, behaviors, interests, pursuits, and beliefs.

In a nutshell, The Wine Tour Coordinator communicates with customers by phone and email, enters the data into our reservations system, assigns the vehicle, requests the tour guide or driver, designs the itinerary, makes venue reservations, orders the food, prepares the trip sheet and assembles the picnic supplies on a daily basis.

We’re looking for two, rare, remarkable, brilliant, positive-minded, self-disciplined, self-controlled, and alive go-getter people who possess a can-do attitude to join our administration team in our Kelowna Home Office as Wine Tour Coordinators for 30 to 40 hours per week.

Being a Wine Tour Coordinator isn’t rocket science however we are looking for top-grade All-Stars. We’ve got our sights set on becoming a global best employer and the required caliber of teammates is high. We already vaulted from 124th position to 2nd position on TripAdvisor® and we prefer to maintain the momentum. “Above and Beyond” must be your “Normal”.

We're serious but nutty, candid but caring, authentic and accepting. Well, almost. Perhaps we should put an asterisk next to accepting. We're a small inclusive team in a competitive industry. Things happen fast and we must react quickly. This makes things fun but also particularly demanding and, in all honesty, we sometimes get just a wee bit intense.

One of our 26 tour guides with four years here has often said, "This is no place for a confidence problem". That phrase definitely captures it. If you're The Right Stuff for this office team then it's about knowing that your “A game” is all that you ever accept of yourself. Being cowardly, fainthearted or feeling insecure about your own identity is okay, but just avoid this place. This isn't the job for you and none of us wishes you to go through the pain of realizing that the hard way.

If you're ready for a fast-paced, think-on-your-feet, occasionally having-to-put-a-fire-out... kind of rewarding experience then let us know and we can start talking about it. Having absolutely exemplary individuals supporting our 15,000+ annual customers and 26+ employee-partners is paramount to us. We have our sights set on matchless excellence, not mediocrity and ruin.

We recognize people are NOT our most important asset. The RIGHT people are. The RIGHT person has more to do with character traits and innate capabilities than with specific knowledge, background, or skills.

Simon Sinek says, “Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire motivated people and inspire them.” Are you motivated?

Demonstrating unparalleled growth for five years, we’re constantly evolving, introducing innovative experiences and services, creating fresh opportunities for employee-partners, scaling into new communities, generating economic development, growing our brand, all-the-while bringing our love, philanthropy, and community-mindedness into every Okanagan community we serve.

Preferred Qualities of Our Wine Tour Coordinator

A shortlist of the most desirable day-to-day qualities of our Wine Tour Coordinator include: you’re an articulate, eloquent communicator; you’re loyal, available, accurate, precise, teachable, personable, flexible, creative, plus you’re a skilled multi-tasker and a critical thinker. You show initiative, think on your feet, work efficiently under pressure, plus work well autonomously at your work station. You’re a non-smoker. You have a drivers licence. When, not if, the stuff hits the fan, you’re resilient. Your feisty, uncompromising, courageous, inner badass comes to life.

For this position, we’re hiring two personally engaging, customer service aficionados who understand the value of meaningful relationships across the board and are eager to learn the ins and outs of an international award-winning tour and transportation company. You’re looking for that rare culture that surrounds you with other like-minded, imaginative, talented, driven, dedicated, respectful and self-motivated people that share a commitment to work/life balance.

At Cheers! we function in a very collaborative environment firmly embracing teamwork paradigms such as “None Of Us Is As Smart As All Of Us”, and “Innovation Is Simply Group Intelligence Having Fun”. Teamwork helps us put our best foot forward every day.

Preferred Experience

Knowledge of the Okanagan’s community locations is vital.
Knowledge of the Okanagan’s winery locations is a real plus.
Experience in Communications, Data Entry, Quoting, Dispatch, Event Planning, Tourism, Customer Service, and Sales are vital.
Experience may have been acquired while being a successful parent, triage or trauma nurse, homemaker, lifestyle business owner, or contributor of a start-up and may include: Operations, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Inbound and Outbound Phone Transactions, General Office Management, Logistics & Team Coordination, Tour and Transportation Coordination including assigning drivers, vehicles and routes, quote preparation, follow up, and sales.

You appreciate being: celebrated, heard, provided feedback on performance, given opportunities to learn new skills, given autonomy, and informed on the direction and strategy of the company.

About Us

At Cheers! we are shamelessly obsessed with three simple ideas.
1) To become the most recognized tour and transportation brand in the Okanagan,
2) To become the top-rated employer in the Okanagan, and
3) To become the best-managed company in the Okanagan.


We’ll work with you to ensure you’re pleased with your salary. We’re of the opinion, whoever you choose to work with, you deserve the best. Most importantly, you deserve personal fulfillment. We understand meaningful recognition, clear company policies, career opportunities, and performance management are key drivers of employee engagement in our culture.

How to Apply? – Skilfully Answer 3 Questions.

If you’re convinced you have The Right Stuff, please create a unique cover letter and convince Allen and the Cheers! hiring team why you think you’d make a renowned Wine Tour Coordinator

What sets you apart from the crowd? Results-based or evidence-based case studies, and/or testimonials, endorsements, tributes, or honors, best answer the question, “How might you help Cheers?” Be sure to include them with your application, please. A compelling cover letter is more influential than a typical resume. What have you accomplished, and how did it make a positive impact?

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