Hebrew Spelled Backwards

Friday, March 31     10:00 AM

Kamloops Art Gallery, 465 Victoria St #101, Kamloops Locate on the map

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In her series, "Hebrew Spelled Backwards," Lindsey Tyne Johnson examines the complexities of identifying as Jewish and the fear and uncertainty that often come with it. Through a combination of modern, spiritual, and Jewish themes, Johnson explores discovering one's ancestry later in life and its connection to familiar experiences and art. By challenging people to learn more about cultures they may not understand, Johnson aims to create a space for dialogue and inclusivity.

In her artwork, Johnson uses a soft color palette to create a sense of calm. She incorporates modern themes to connect her art to contemporary experiences and to challenge traditional notions of Jewishness. Johnson also encourages viewers to think about the role of the supernatural in their own understanding of culture.

Johnson believes that by fostering a greater understanding of different cultures, we can create a world where people of all backgrounds feel welcome and valued. Through her art, Johnson invites viewers to consider their own experiences and open their minds to new perspectives and ideas

Other Dates:

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