Two-home properties tricky
Contributed - May 23, 2023 - Columnists

This week FH&P lawyers Clay Williams and Tanvir Gill delve into the world of two-home properties and dealing with non-conforming stratas.

There are many aspects homeowners need to know about such arrangements, including how to get the right insurance as well as common and limited common property.

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Criminal record checks stricter
Contributed - May 10, 2023 - Columnists

FH&P partner Clay Williams welcomed associate Brett McClelland to this week’s Law Talk podcast to discuss criminal record checks.

Williams and McClelland point out that a good part of the population will have to go through some sort of criminal record check at some point in their lives. They discuss the different kinds of checks that can be performed.

The government also implemented new rules around criminal record checks in 2021 that everyone should know about.

Organize your shareholders
Contributed - Apr 25, 2023 - Columnists

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There are many different types of shareholders agreements, including those who are taking over a company that is already functioning, a few people coming together to make a brand new business and existing firms that bring in new partners.

On this week’s Law Talk podcast, FH&P lawyers Clay Williams and Tanvir Gill discuss everything you need to know about shareholders agreements.

Keep your business ideas safe
Contributed - Apr 11, 2023 - Columnists

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A major concern for employers is that an employee will take what they have learned, and immediately leave that business and either work for a competitor or start their own similar business trying to steal clients.

In this case, how does an employer protect themselves and their business? Having an employee sign a non-competition agreement is one way, and this week the FH&P Lawyers Law Talk podcast explores that topic.

Partner Clay Williams welcomes guest host Nancy Ling, a partner at FH&P Lawyers, to discuss.

How to avoid foreclosure
Contributed - Mar 28, 2023 - Columnists

This week FH&P lawyers Clay Williams and Tanvir Gill look at the rising interest rates and the potential foreclosures of residential or commercial properties.

The two lawyers discuss some of the mortgage options and ways one can avoid a foreclosure.

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How to deal with estates
Contributed - Mar 15, 2023 - Columnists

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So many questions swirl around someone’s estate and assets when they pass away. It is important to have an executor, especially if there is a business transaction underway when the person passes. What happens in that case?

Lawyers Clay Williams and Tanvir Gill welcome FH&P Associate Jen Schreurs onto the Law Talk podcast to discuss some of the steps that should be taken as well as other scenarios.

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What to do if payments rise
Okanagan Edge Staff - Feb 28, 2023 - Columnists

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Several people throughout the Okanagan purchased properties, usually condos, a couple of years ago—well before the building was completed. Fast forward a couple of years, and now with interest rates higher these same buyers are receiving completion notices letting them know their payments are due as their buildings are finishing.

Things have changed for some people over the last few years and financial constraints could be coming into play, so what can a purchaser do? Lawyers Clay Williams and Tanvir Gill discuss in this episode of Law Talk.

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How will AI impact law field?
Contributed - Feb 14, 2023 - Columnists

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This week on the Law Talk podcast lawyers Clay Williams and Tanvir Gill discuss the latest in artificial intelligence that is having an impact on the practice of law.

Could this new AI eventually take over the law field? Can it just give a potential client enough knowledge to take care of their dispute alone? Find out in Episode 51.

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Creek takes centre stage in trial
Contributed - Jan 31, 2023 - Columnists

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Partner Clay Williams recently teamed with FH&P associate Wendy Cheung to co-chair a very interesting trial in Kamloops.

The case involved a creek from 1911 and how it may or may not have moved over time. Also, Williams and Cheung describe how a random anniversary plane ride in the 1990s was an important part of the trial.

They discuss with associate Tanvir Gill on the 50th episode of the FH&P Lawyers Law Talk podcast.

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Real estate changes in effect
Contributed - Jan 03, 2023 - Columnists

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Real estate in the Okanagan affects just about everyone in some way or another.

Now that the calendar has flipped there have been some major changes to the landscape of how real estate can be purchased or sold. In the most recent episode of the Law Talk Podcast, lawyers Tanvir Gill and Clarissa Lester discussed the foreign buyer ban, which is now in effect.

Another massive change is the implementation of the Home Buyer Rescission Period Regulation, which sets out further details regarding the cooling-off period. But how do these changes in B.C. help the housing shortage and the supply issues? Gill and Lester investigate.

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