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Explore BC, from sea to sky
Contributed - Jul 13, 2020 - Think Local

Rediscover one of B.C.’s best-known corridors when you explore Metro Vancouver and the Sea-to-Sky. See familiar places with fresh eyes: book a foraging tour in Vancouver, hike to hidden lakes in Squamish, or take an Indigenous cultural tour in Whistler, for example. Head on a Culinary Journey  Expand your repertoire of restaurants on a foodie […]

Traits of a great employer
Contributed - Jul 12, 2020 - Think Local

What are the characteristics of a great employer, and can they be found in the Okanagan? We have heard of publicly traded global companies that offer innovative employee programs because they have discovered if you take care of your team, your team takes care of customers. It seems instinctive to have this philosophy, but some […]

Energyplex active again
Contributed - Jul 11, 2020 - Think Local

When Energyplex Entertainment Centre closed its doors on March 18, it was a couple of days into its busiest two-week stretch of the year. Spring break is a boon for the Kelowna business, as families descend upon the McCurdy Corner facility in droves to play laser tag, dash around the four-level playground and do some […]

LIV the simple life
Contributed - Jul 10, 2020 - Think Local

 The perfect size, location and price. Living could not be more simple or enjoyable. LIV at McKinley Beach is coming soon to one of Kelowna’s most desirable neighbourhoods. “LIV at McKinley Beach is such a unique lifestyle,” says Terri Ann Novello with Century 21 Assurance Ltd. “It feels like you’re away from the busy […]

Rivers, ranches and ranges
Contributed - Jul 09, 2020 - Think Local

Wedged between the Coast Mountains and the Rockies, B.C.’s Interior puts you at a crossroads of sweeping ranchlands, grassy vistas, and golden plateaus. And that’s just the landscape. There is a rich history here, too, from the Indigenous peoples whose stories, traditions, and stewardship of the land span millennia, to the ranchers, gold prospectors, and […]

Face shields safe, comfy
Contributed - Jul 08, 2020 - Think Local

Doctors recommend face masks as one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, some people, like doctors themselves, add a face shield to their personal protective equipment garments, as do people who have trouble breathing through a face mask. Face shields are also much better than face masks that […]

Welcome back to Whistler
Contributed - Jul 07, 2020 - Think Local

If you’re in need of adventure this summer, it’s closer than you think. Whistler’s doors are open and ready to offer you the ultimate holiday close to home. This summer, Whistler is changing its pace and upholding to the highest standards of health and safety so we can all adventure confidently, openly, mindfully and sensibly […]

Experience BC’s northern wild
Contributed - Jul 06, 2020 - Think Local

If you’re looking for perspective, connection with nature and space to roam, look to our province’s vast and wild northern reaches. Discover glacial valleys, soaring mountain peaks and wildlife parks—the kind of sweeping landscapes that adventurers aspire to witness. Regardless of how far from home or enormous these parts may appear, the wilderness in B.C.’s […]

Education the best investment
Contributed - Jul 03, 2020 - Think Local

What has been the best investment you have ever made? Chances are it was some form of education. Education, just like most services of value in life, is not created equally. That’s OK, because not everyone has the same goals as to how they want to use their education. If you value the preference of […]

Valleys, vineyards will delight
Contributed - Jul 02, 2020 - Think Local

On the West Coast, we know that the province’s fertile valleys are ripe with, well, food and wine. But did you know that the area that stretches from the fields of the Fraser Valley to the vineyards of the Okanagan is also an ideal spot for outdoor play? For every fresh peach that’s devoured, there’s […]