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Ductless is the solution
Contributed - May 23, 2019 - Think Local

Is your master bedroom on the top floor and always too hot in the summer—even though your home has air conditioning? Ever had a thermostat war with a member of your family? You’re in one part of the house and want a certain temperature, while someone else is another part of the home and wants it […]

What a Voyage it’s been
Contributed - May 22, 2019 - Think Local

RVs, or recreational vehicles as they’re technically known, have been a part of Jason Friesen’s life for as long as he can remember. He was six years old in 1984 when his dad, Rod, started an RV consignment service in Winfield. Prior to that Rod had dabbled in painting signs, running a gas station and […]

Bekins sets the moving bar
Contributed - May 21, 2019 - Think Local

As one of the few moving companies in Kelowna that has a century-old tradition of providing all-inclusive, professional moving and storage services, Bekins Kelowna has always strived to be the best when it comes to quality and customer service. The Kelowna movers have recently taken further steps to ensure that its customers continue to receive […]

BC Tree Fruits wants you
Contributed - May 14, 2019 - Think Local

There aren’t many places in the world where there’s a mall on your left and an apple orchard on your right as you’re driving down the road. And no matter how much tech, manufacturing or condominium progress is made in thriving Kelowna, that scene is unlikely to change. Agriculture has—and always will be—what causes the […]

Make Modo your second car
Contributed - May 06, 2019 - Think Local

When Andrew Greer moved in with his girlfriend, who is now his wife, they suddenly possessed two cars but had the need for only one. Sure, there were going to be days when they needed two vehicles, but the second car was probably going to sit idly in the driveway of their Kelowna home 95 […]

Bellevue soothes the soul
Contributed - May 01, 2019 - Think Local

Bellevue Day Spa has already built up quite the customer base in the Mission, and now it is ready to welcome those from the rest of Kelowna and beyond. “We have a lot of people around our neighbourhood who have discovered us,” owner Cinthia Michelle says. “Now I’m ready to do the jump and let […]

CONNECT full of Prestige
Contributed - Apr 26, 2019 - Think Local

CONNECT Okanagan Telephone, a leading provider of IT infrastructure and cloud services, was recently awarded the full IT support contract for Prestige Hotels & Resorts. Along with providing fully managed technical support of all of the hotel chain’s day-to-day operations, CONNECT also manages all the telecom systems across the hotel chain and supports guest Wi-Fi […]

Live life on The Bench
Contributed - Apr 24, 2019 - Think Local

There aren’t many developments where you can take the elevator down from your home on the 33rd floor, walk outside and enjoy nearly an acre and a half of green and recreational space. In fact, there are none in B.C. or Alberta, but that will change once ONE Water Street rises from the ground in […]

Wilden, FortisBC raise bar
Contributed - Apr 23, 2019 - Think Local

 Wilden continues to reach new levels and come up with forward-thinking innovations when it comes to energy efficiency. Blenk Development, the company behind Wilden, has taken everything it has learned during its residential construction over the last two decades and created the Lost Creek Point neighbourhood, which features 38 homes that have an energy […]

Lots of treats at Okanagan Eats
Contributed - Apr 18, 2019 - Think Local

Do you like food? Do you like wine spirits? Do you like beer? If you answered yes to any of the above—and even if you didn’t—you will want to mark next weekend on your calendar. That’s because the third annual Okanagan Eats Food Show will be held at Kelowna Curling Club. The event brings together […]