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Lower your risk of dementia
Contributed - Jan 17, 2020 - Think Local

Dementia is one of the most heart-wrenching diseases a family can endure. It is not a preventable disease, but there are some aspects that can be changed to mitigate the risk of getting this terrible affliction, and hearing loss has been deemed the No. 1 modifiable risk factor of dementia. Dr. Nichole Sorensen, a doctor […]

Helping business reach potential
Contributed - Jan 15, 2020 - Think Local

There are plenty of questions that keep small business owners up at night. Is the health care program good enough? Why do I keep losing employees after three months? How am I going to get rid of my lazy business partner? Do I need a social media policy? The list goes on and on, which can be rather […]

Middle years done differently
Contributed - Jan 14, 2020 - Think Local

As local private school Willowstone Academy launched into its 25th anniversary this year, the community celebrated the addition of a major growth initiative for its Grade 6 to 9 students, their own separate facility on the Lakeshore Road property known as Middle Years Lane. “Our students appreciate their own, distinct space,” says the school’s Chief […]

Hearing tied to dementia
Contributed - Jan 08, 2020 - Think Local

Typically, when we consider dementia, we tend to picture ourselves or our loved ones forgetting words, locations and faces. Furthermore, we think of difficulty with mood regulation, planning and becoming more reliant on others. Even at the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease, a sufferer’s memory, thought or motor processing, and confidence can be affected. There […]

YMCA there for families
Contributed - Dec 09, 2019 - Think Local

With a goal of spreading some holiday cheer, the YMCA of Okanagan hosted a free event for families called Crafts, Cookies and Carols this past Saturday at its Penticton child care centre. “We are happy to be a part of the Penticton community, and we’re grateful to share the holiday spirit with families,” YMCA child […]

Eye care answer is Vivid
Kirk Penton - Dec 02, 2019 - Think Local

Amy Jasper had always been hesitant to get laser eye surgery done. Whether it was fear of the procedure, the cost or a lack of time to fit it into her life, Jasper was content to wear contact lenses or glasses for the last two decades. She finally decided enough was enough. She was recently […]

Recycle with EcoEase
Contributed - Nov 27, 2019 - Think Local

Do you know which items can be placed in your blue bin for recycling purposes and which ones cannot? The list of ineligible materials is longer than you might think, which is why Quentin Thiessen and his wife Sarah have started a business they hope will help both you and the environment. EcoEase Recycling will […]

Energy efficiency takes a team
Contributed - Nov 23, 2019 - Think Local

Practical advice, expertise and ongoing customer support provided by FortisBC means Molycop Canada can keep growing its business while optimizing its energy needs, especially for natural gas. With operations across the globe, Molycop is the largest and most experienced supplier of mining consumables and associated services worldwide. At its Canadian plant in Kamloops, alloy steel […]

Very Merry Vancouver
Contributed - Nov 21, 2019 - Think Local

Walking across a breathtaking bridge suspended 230 feet above a river gorge and adorned with a million glittering lights. Sightseeing in an old-fashioned trolley bus and singing karaoke carols from one unforgettable stop to another. Strolling through a traditional German Christmas market, sipping on hot chocolate and shopping for that perfect holiday keepsake from one […]

ONE Water rising quickly
Contributed - Nov 18, 2019 - Think Local

ONE Water Street’s East Tower construction has reached 18 storeys, making it one of the tallest structures in Kelowna. And it’s only halfway to the top. “You start to really appreciate how tall this building is when we are halfway up, and we still have another half to build,” Kerkhoff Construction president and CEO Leonard […]