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Personal Alignment for everyone
Contributed - 12:01 pm - Think Local

It has been well documented that yoga does wonders for your physical and mental health. And with everything going on in the world today—the pandemic, the arguing, the stress and the feelings of mistrust—the world would likely be a much better place if everyone just did a little downward dog every day. The problem is […]

Find a home at Orchard Gardens
Contributed - 12:01 am - Think Local

Anita Courtney spent 30 years as a nurse, so she knows what it takes to care for people. When she suffered a stroke and was no longer able to perform routine, daily tasks, Courtney ultimately made the decision to move out of her home. She chose Kelowna’s Orchard Gardens Seniors Community, which is part of the VRS […]

Spilling the dentistry beans
Contributed - Sep 21, 2021 - Think Local

Things you may not know (but should!) about dentists and dental procedures OK, as far as anyone knows, no dentist actually uses beans or even beanbag chairs—let alone spills them. A little bit of literary licence had to be taken to produce a creative headline. A not-so-secret secret is that most people do not really like […]

Salon nails The Sweet Spot
Contributed - Sep 20, 2021 - Think Local

The Sweet Spot Beauty Bar is the result of a pair of dreams coming together at the perfect moment. Lenny Cabrera had been dreaming about owning her own business since coming to Canada in 2016. Alicia Jamesan had been dreaming about opening her own salon for the past three years. Now both of their dreams have […]

Kelowna simply hit the mark
Contributed - Sep 16, 2021 - Think Local

When Johnathon Quinn visited the Okanagan for the first time in 2018, he felt an instant connection to the region. “Our friends took us to some of the local wineries, breweries, and we also went camping that weekend,” Quinn says. “I knew very quickly that I wanted to spend more time here.” At the time, […]

Three generations in store
Contributed - Sep 14, 2021 - Think Local

According to the Conway Centre for Family Business, only 12 per cent of all family businesses are viable into the third generation, which means that 88 per cent of family businesses do not make it past the second. Andrew Carnegie once famously said, “Three generations from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves,” referring to the commonly held belief family […]

IT is technical, but also personal
Contributed - Sep 13, 2021 - Think Local

Byron Bates, founder of Muskwa Computer Sciences, has two drivers in his career—making IT better and supporting the community. The Okanagan is lucky enough to benefit from these drivers as Bates has recently brought Muskwa to the valley. “I hate it when people tell me how they are taking way too much time dealing with IT issues instead […]

Zara almost sold out
Contributed - Sep 11, 2021 - Think Local

The clock is ticking for those who want to live in the first and only luxury condominium collection in the Lakestone neighbourhood, located just 15 minutes north of Kelowna. Zara at Lakestone is more than 90% sold after its sales selection event at the end of August, but there are still some great home available […]

BC RCMP facing pressures
Contributed - Sep 10, 2021 - Think Local

Increasingly, RCMP officers in British Columbia are finding themselves called beyond their usual line of duty. As just one example, by Sept. 1, more than 1,500 wildfires have torn through 865,291 hectares of B.C., prompting evacuations, road closures and emergency response. In this fire season alone, more than 650 RCMP officers were deployed for wildfire response. While […]

Fresh Air Kelowna turns 40
Contributed - Sep 07, 2021 - Think Local

Forty years ago, Jim and Karen Bates started Fresh Air Kelowna with one goal in mind: to create a sports store that did so much more than sell gear. They needed to be a meaningful community partner with a social conscience. Now, four decades later, the family business is celebrating its 40th anniversary and couldn’t […]