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Promised jobs never came
The Canadian Press - Sep 20 - BC Biz

The Supreme Court of British Columbia has certified a class-action lawsuit against Mac’s Convenience Stores and three immigration consultants alleged to have collected thousands of dollars from foreign workers who were promised jobs that didn’t exist. A written decision posted Tuesday says the case involves employment contracts for work at Mac’s stores in B.C., Alberta, […]

Taxpayers on parties’ hook
The Canadian Press - Sep 19 - BC Biz

The BC Liberals say NDP legislation to get big money out of politics comes with a huge broken promise from Premier John Horgan. Liberal house leader Mike de Jong pointed out during question period that Horgan promised he would not stick taxpayers with the cost of campaign finance reforms before forming government, but the proposed legislation […]

Climate plan written in oil?
The Canadian Press - Sep 19 - BC Biz

B.C.’s former Liberal government asked oil and gas corporations to “refine” the language of recommendations made by an advisory panel before it finalized its Climate Leadership Plan, documents show. Meeting agendas and presentations obtained under freedom-of-information legislation by the left-leaning Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives provide insight into the extent of industry consultation on the […]

NDP bans big money
The Canadian Press - Sep 18 - BC Biz

B.C. political parties will receive an annual allowance over the next five years in an effort to help wean them off unlimited corporate, union and individual donations. Attorney General David Eby introduced amended Election Act legislation today that will ban big money from politics, saying the May election will be the last campaign under finance […]

Who will lead B.C. Liberals?
The Canadian Press - Sep 18 - BC Biz

The interim leader of the B.C. Liberal Party says while no one has officially declared they will seek the party’s top job, several high profile candidates appear interested. Rich Coleman says Mike Bernier, Todd Stone, Mike de Jong and Andrew Wilkinson, all former cabinet ministers in B.C.’s previous Liberal government, have been considering their chances. […]

Lowest earners get a raise
Wayne Moore - Sep 15 - BC Biz

The lowest paid workers in the province are getting a boost today. B.C.’s minimum wage went up 50 cents Friday to $11.35 an hour, while those who serve liquor saw their wage bumped to $10.10 an hour. Labour Minister Harry Bains calls the increase significant, saying B.C. now has the third-highest minimum wage in Canada. […]