Shamanism will lift the veil
Columnists Jan 13, 2021

By Keyla Sereen Ohs Shamanism is a way of walking upon the planet and a way of seeing things that our society has taught us to veil. It is living a life divinely connected to spirit, to our earth, and in deep gratitude for the blessings our planet and community bring to us through our joint […]

Pilling will fulfil your potential
People in Business Dec 30, 2020

Tara Pilling leans into our conversation, fully present. As we chat, she listens and watches with the attention of a seasoned pro who values a person’s unique essence and talents so that she might help them maximize and realize their potential. The experience is engaging and heartfelt, for it is clear to me that Pilling, […]

It’s good to get grounded
People in Business Dec 23, 2020

By Murray McEachern “You’re grounded!” This was a common refrain when I was a teenager, each time I bent the rules so far they broke. ‘They’ being my parents. And there they were, those same words, gracing my lips just a couple of weeks ago, as if a direct quote, despite my oft vow to myself […]

Get kids in right frame of mind
People in Business Dec 16, 2020

How much can you know about yourself if you have never played in the dirt? For Crystal Jensen, this is more than a rhetorical question; it is a personal call to action. Jensen, an early childhood educator and the founder of Mindful Expressions, wants children to feel free to discover themselves and to create possibilities […]

It never hurts to be flexible
People in Business Dec 09, 2020

Here is a story you don’t hear every day. A full-time high school teacher turns holistic practitioner turns mortgage broker … and sticks the landing. I love being happy and making others happy. As a child I loved playing house, school and Monopoly. I was the careful one, the saver of money, the happy kid, […]

Don’t be afraid to find joy
People in Business Dec 02, 2020

At this time of a pandemic, spread of anxiety and a shared gnawing of fear, we turn more and more to our own emergency kit. We turn inward to those things that we believe and hold on to no matter what. I was led to go back and reread How to Change Things When Change […]

Always live in the now
People in Business Nov 25, 2020

My mother passed in 2003. She was declining for a few years and knew it. Although she would not describe herself as spiritual, she had a strong belief in God, a religious upbringing, and a zest for life, learning and teaching her whole life. She was dedicated to serving others and spent most of her […]

Don’t let COVID break you up
Columnists Nov 18, 2020

By Annette Adkin In recent months some of us have been working from home and not able to go out to restaurants. We may have had kids at home and couldn’t get to the gym. People have been telling me that their partners are getting on their nerves or the things that they have been […]

Lottery home can be toured
Biz Releases Nov 05, 2020

If you would like to grab a peek of Kelowna’s Millionaire Lottery home, you now have that opportunity. The Kestrel Ridge show home, which is one of eight grand prize options for the lottery, is open to the public seven days a week from noon to 4 p.m. One family, party or group—with a maximum […]

Write down your dreams
Columnists Nov 04, 2020

By Debra Kelly Have you put your dreams on hold and stopped dreaming completely? Do you even have a list of dreams—a.k.a. a bucket list? If you need to bring those dreams back to life, there is an easy two-step process to realizing all your dreams—even the biggest dream you have hidden inside you and are […]