Bowen therapy gets job done
Columnists Jul 28, 2021

By Courtney Kafka I went digging for some other research on the effectiveness of Bowen therapy, or Bowen technique, in the hope I could find something that was more based off some actual research. A test was performed on 39 individuals who had suffered migraines for 10 years or more, and pretty awesome results were […]

Just know that you belong
People in Business Jul 14, 2021

By Pamela Lynch Your presence here is an invitation to remember you are loved, and you belong. I invite you to close your eyes and place your attention on your heart. Feel the word, the energy of belonging. So many of us have navigated this life feeling that we don’t belong. We get to change that […]

Control what you can control
Columnists Jul 07, 2021

What is your personal margin of error? Is a drip on the carpet the end of the known universe as you know it? Or do you run wild and throw those black workout pants into a washing machine full of fuzz spewing sweaters and towels? Each of us has an operating system that we let […]

Alcohol addiction can be beat
People in Business Jun 30, 2021

By Annette Adkin Though living in Kelowna has many opportunities to connect and enjoy outdoor activities, it also has many people who are feeling distressed and disconnected. Being distressed and not coping with life’s challenges can lead to addiction. People are trying to soothe their uneasiness and feel better. One of the biggest reasons people […]

How to stop blowing your top
People in Business Jun 23, 2021

By Maggie Reigh Children and teens are experts at pressing their parents’ buttons. Most of them have honed their button pressing skills over the span of their lifetime. For some of them it may be their greatest and most cherished accomplishment. And if you’re like most parents, including myself, you probably “lose it” on occasion. […]

Rid your mind of trauma
People in Business Jun 09, 2021

Awaken from your past, release yourself from limiting beliefs and begin a journey toward the happy and healthy life you deserve. The path of healing and self-acceptance can be difficult and painful, but you are not alone. Tricia Veltri, the owner of Core Level Healing Therapy, gets you, and she also gets that taking control […]

EFT tapping brings peace
People in Business Jun 02, 2021

By Sherry Lukey May on the acreage can be a little overwhelming, because there’s a lot of grass to cut, planting, weeding and watering. I love being outside and doing all those things. However, keeping up with the spring growth takes extra time, and in the past, it would trigger guilt for me. Guilt. Before […]

Never hurts to play dead
Columnists May 26, 2021

By Debra Kelly When you’re hanging out with friends and sharing a few Coronas, the conversation can lead to some interesting wildlife stories. Undoubtedly someone will always try and ‘one up’ the other to win the best ‘worst encounter with a bug or animal’ story. We Canadians can tell some great black bear encounters or […]

Harris has Eureka moment
People in Business May 19, 2021

Are you a toxic manager? For Barri Harris, transformation coach and founder of The Eureka Project, answering this question begins with a single step toward abiding self-awareness. Harris understands that bridging the seeming chasm between high dysfunction and high performance requires leaders confront their own blind spots and foster trust among their teams. Her vision is brave and inspiring: […]

Feel all of your feelings
People in Business May 12, 2021

By Bonita Kay Summers As you’re scrolling through your social media, how often do you come across profiles full of quotes on staying positive? There can be the temptation to “keep our head above water and paddle like mad” rather than allowing ourselves to feel the full extent of our emotional range. Thinking that being […]