Please don’t move a mussel
Think Local Jul 18, 2023

The culprit can be hard to spot, but the potential damage is immeasurable. Okanagan residents are being urged to spread awareness to incoming visitors regarding the threat of zebra and quagga mussels to the region. The mussels are known to hitch a ride in water, plants, mud and animals that find their way onto or […]

Start your budget right now
People in Business Jan 11, 2023

By Shawna McCrea After being in the financial industry for 20-plus years I have found that the following steps can help you get your financial life on track. The No. 1 priority is setting and sticking to a budget. I know. It’s not much fun, but how much fun is it living with financial stress? I strongly […]

Seven ways to create happiness
People in Business Nov 23, 2022

By John Schlapbach In life, there are times of struggle and difficulty. It’s during these moments when we need to find our inner peace and access our personal reservoir of happiness. Finding happiness doesn’t have to be difficult. We can all achieve a sense of peace, love and contentment in any situation by learning how […]

Time for emotional awakening
People in Business Oct 26, 2022

By Bonita Kay Summers From the moment we are born, we suffer from attachment. We are born into hunger and a yearning for a comforting touch. As infants, we cry when we feel discomfort, helpless and hoping someone will come to our rescue. As toddlers, we wail or have tantrums when things aren’t going our […]

Drum making gets personal
People in Business Oct 19, 2022

By Rochelle McFarlane We are all energetic beings, no matter what we look like on the outside. There’s a common thread all beings have. It’s the first sound we heard within our mother’s womb: her heartbeat. Drumming takes us back to this sound so we can unlock pieces of our innate healing abilities. It has […]

Learn to say no to your past
Columnists Oct 12, 2022

By Tara Pilling The ability to feel is often seen as a burden combined with a blessing. It is not only one of the essential mediums that you use to navigate life and the world; it is the point where your greatest joys begin and your deepest sorrows take root. Heartache and happiness exist on […]

Get the pain out holistically
Columnists Oct 05, 2022

You get so tired of it—the body pains, the emotional suffering, the unhealthy habits and the relationship issues—one or more of the struggles that keep you from being at ease with yourself and living a more fulfilling life. But just can’t seem to see your way clear. Something has to change, right? And all the […]

Really communicate with animals
People in Business Sep 28, 2022

By Mimi Thorp When taking my first BodyTalk class, I happened to be brought to Loesje Jacob’s magical place in Armstrong: Eagle’s Eye Ranch. When observing one mind-blowing session after another in her BodyTalk for Humans and Animals classes, it quickly dawned on me that while the protocols and procedures of BodyTalk were fascinating and […]

Helping live life to fullest
People in Business Aug 03, 2022

If every long journey begins with the first step, imagine how far you could go if you turned your steps into strides. For Julie Morgan, a registered social worker and the owner of Making Strides Counselling, it begins by pushing aside the stigmas of mental health, reaching out for support and confronting your fears. Morgan […]

Don’t move a mussel
Think Local Jul 14, 2022

Once again, the Okanagan Basin Water Board and its Okanagan WaterWise program are asking valley residents to not move a mussel. But this time it has an added request — help spread the message to those visiting the Okanagan this summer. “We have a paradise here, but in the last few years we go through the same routine each […]