Water woes tackled online
Biz Releases Mar 25, 2020

A pair of UBC Okanagan teams are among the five finalists of the B.C. Aquahacking Challenge, conducted by the Okanagan Basin Water Board and Aqua Forum. The semifinals were held completely online on Saturday featuring 195 university students from across the country. Twenty teams pitched their ideas online, dealing with issues like contaminants in storm […]

She will heal your spirit
Columnists Mar 11, 2020

Keyla Sereen Ohs understands the journey to health and wellness can be a long and challenging one. As the owner of Sereen Spirit Healing and Retreat Centre, Sereen Ohs has lived paths ranging from high-level athletics to imbalanced work choices. She is also keenly aware that our spirit can speak to us and offer guidance, if […]

Coherence can happen
Columnists Feb 19, 2020

By Shawna McCrea The Okanagan is the headquarters for Coherence Hotspot. We are all familiar with the Wi-Fi symbol connecting all of us to the internet. The Coherence Hotspot symbol is a revolutionary concept connecting all of us in a heart-centred and impactful way. Research has proven that our emotional state directly influences our experience […]

Flourish with the Haywards
Columnists Feb 12, 2020

They inspired my imagination with the very first sound—their new business name. As the word ‘flourish’ suggests, Alisa Farr and Cameron Hayward offer restorative, growth-focused therapies to the imbalances caused by our over-stressed lives and unhealthy patterns. With combined certifications in alchemy sound therapy, sound journey meditation, yoga nidra, reiki and hypnotherapy, Alisa and Cameron tailor programs […]

Business that will touch you
Columnists Jan 22, 2020

“Live life with less stress and more love.” For Rochelle McFarlane, the founder of ESP Parent Inc., a family-focused health practice and educational service rooted in both specialized kinesiology and spiritual insights, this is more than a tag line. It’s about rising to our best selves through the science and art of touch and movement, […]

Park’s stories cut them up
Columnists Dec 18, 2019

I started by reading his “Last Chapter” blog post, which is about his own death. When I found myself bursting into laughter, I knew I was in. I could see that Layton Park is a natural storyteller who knows good storytelling is about the writer’s relationship with the reader, one’s self and the roads of life. […]

Come tell your story
Columnists Dec 11, 2019

This column was originally written in 2016. You never really know someone’s story—that is, until they have the courage to stand in a room of strangers, wrestle with fear and turn the visceral into the verbal. Such is the remarkable human spirit I witnessed when I recently attended Storytelling Tuesday (STT), hosted by Balance Well-Being Centre […]

Farm therapy soothes soul
Columnists Dec 04, 2019

If it takes a village to raise a child, sometimes a farm can help to grow a community. As a certified therapeutic riding coach, a graduate of hotel and food administration, and the founder of Arion Therapeutic Farm, Heather Henderson knows about cultivating memorable, nurturing experiences. Starting Arion as a horseback riding program in 2009, […]

Soule has Pure Heart
Columnists Nov 20, 2019

For Sheila Soule, living well means living optimally. As the owner of Pure Heart Wellness, a full-range holistic service, Soule understands that the paths to health and happiness can vary as much as the people seeking them. Fortunately, she is a skilled path finder. Soule has her bachelor of science in clinical and human nutrition, […]

Music is life for Mazerand
Columnists Oct 30, 2019

“Be the composer and conductor of your own life.” For Serge Mazerand, music itself is life, as our essence is vibration. A pianist, composer, keynote player and the award-winning author of the delightfully inventive book 7 Keys to Serenity: Creating Harmony Within, Mazerand knows the magic of music lies in its power to heal us by […]