Dealing with ant infestations
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It’s ant time in the Okanagan.

Early spring is the time many homeowners start to see ants crawling around outside—and in some cases—inside of their homes. So, a talk with a pest control company can help elevate the problem.

According to Marcello Greco of Buzz Boss Pest Control, ants not only damage lawns by eating grass roots but also get inside a home’s walls and can damage wood.

“In the Okanagan, we have a lot of sandy dry soil, which is perfect for ants,” says Greco.

He said telltale signs that there are ants around your home include many small piles of dirt, patchy laws and the existence of many aphids, as ants tend to be the “bodyguards” of aphids, protecting them from other insects.

Ant colonies exist underground outside your home and foraging ants are sent out looking for food. They enter homes looking for food and produce pheromone-scented trails that other ants follow to the food source—and those trails can lead straight into your home.

Buzz Boss uses a mixture of pesticides and bait in its treatments to stop the ants outside your home from entering. They do a perimeter treatment around the home and use baits to target the colonies to mitigate the population rise from the eggs that are immune to the treatment. We target the next life cycle during the next treatment because of this.

As with all the products Buzz Boss uses, the ant repellents are safe around humans and pets and meet or exceed Health Canada standards.

A series of five treatments is administered—usually in the early spring but it can be done at any time—which lasts over the summer and into the fall, the typical ant season. Before each treatment, a full inspection of the property is done to see if the treatments are having the desired effect and to to make sure the treatment is best.

Greco said many homeowners often take the issue of dealing with ants into their own hands by going out and buying generic sprays. But, he warned, that can make the problem worse.

“You may kill off the foragers but then the other ants go into a panic and before you know it they are all running around all over the place,” he says.

The outside spraying BuzzBoss does has been shown to work. If an inside treatment is needed, he said highly trained and licenced Buzz Boss technicians can “dust” a home, a process when a puff of treated dust is sprayed into walls to kills any ants inside the walls. Once again, it is safe for humans and pets, he says. The active ingredient is the same one used in tick-repellent oils used on the dogs’ coats.

So, if you see an abundance of ants in or around your home, contact Buzz Boss Okanagan at 1-844-744-2899, email it at [email protected] or go to its webpage at for more information.

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