Commercial project gets OK
Luc Rempel - May 29, 2024 - Biz Releases

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Plans for a new food court and gas bar at the Main Street roundabout in Sicamous are set to move ahead after council agreed to issue the necessary development permits.

Despite some reluctance from councillors, the motion to issue a development permit for the proposed build at 534 Main St. was approved at the May 22 council meeting. Only one councillor was opposed.

Coun. Pam Beech said she didn’t think the project is exactly what residents envisioned for the property but hoped they could “accept” the development with the work staff, and council did to tweak the project design and footprint.

The proposed development includes a gas bar and electric vehicle chargers as well as a food court with KFC, Pizza Hut and Burger King. KFC and Burger King will also feature drive-thru windows.

The location is the site of the former Mountain Park Motorsports store, which has been vacant since it closed in 2018. Current site plans look to repurpose the existing building for the gas bar and food court.

Designs for the project include extensive landscaping and design work as well as a small fountain and garden area with seating.

Coun. Ian Baillie previously spoke in opposition to the project when it came before the Sicamous planning and development committee, but he said at this point he felt it needed to go ahead.

“This is a hard one for me, because I don’t believe that this project represents what the people of Sicamous would like to see on that site, but the reality is the previous council approved half of it, and here we are,” he said.

“I don’t think the previous council should have done that. I was critical at the time, I’m still critical of that, but we’re in a position where half of it has been approved.”

Mayor Colleen Anderson explained how her opinion on the project has changed.

“I was one of those councillors that did vote against this initially,” she said. “I was concerned about another gas station in Sicamous, I was concerned about electric vehicles as opposed to something more modern, and I was concerned about the traffic circle and the traffic flow there.

“All of those things have basically been addressed, so I am ready to vote on this and get it finished up and clean up that corner and move forward.”

At the same meeting, council also voted in favour of a community plan amendment to allow for a section of the back of the property to be split into a residential lot, where the owner of the commercial development is planning to live.

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