Rental project too dense
Wayne Moore - May 28, 2024 - Biz Releases

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In a rare move, Kelowna city council has said no to a rental housing proposal.

Council deemed the six-storey, 67-unit apartment at Glenmore and Highland drives to be too dense, despite being situated along a transit supportive corridor where council says it wishes more density.

This was the second time a developer had attempted to rezone the property for apartment housing. A previous proposal was defeated in 2021.

The concerns with the latest proposal were the same.

“Three sides are constricted,” Coun. Luke Stack said. “This zone may be too much for this particular site. I know we are doing it elsewhere up and down Glenmore Drive, but this one is really restrictive because of the Highland Drive Glenmore corner.”

Those comments were echoed by Coun. Maxine DeHart.

“I rarely ever turn down rental housing. We really need the housing, but what bothers me is this section is, I think, it’s too much density,” DeHart said. “That alley bothers me because not only are there going to be cars there, but there will be people walking down it.”

Staff said the lane in question is narrower than required and noted there have not been any provisions made for moving vehicles.

“I don’t support that type of density in this type of corridor, especially when you are looking at rentals,” Coun. Ron Cannan said. “It’s a great family neighbourhood, and I look at more of a townhouse development in that area.”

Council voted 7-1 to turn down the development, with only Coun. Loyal Wooldridge in favour.

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