Almost time to go racing
Wayne Moore - May 10, 2024 - Biz Releases

If all goes well, Kelowna’s first indoor go-kart track will be ready to welcome racers before the end of the month.

Kelowna Karting is the brainchild of professional race car driver Scott Hargrove, who has been busy transforming the former Campion Marine site on Campion Street into a 30,000 square foot indoor go-karting experience.

“This whole project has been a labour of love,” Hargrove told Castanet News during a tour of the facility. “I’m a race car driver myself. I’ve travelled all around the world to different race tracks, and one of the things that always brings racers together is going carting.

“It’s where a lot of people start when they get into racing, and of course it’s a fun thing to do for everybody from families all the way up to the most experienced racers.

“With my background, loving the Okanagan and being here in Kelowna, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to bring something that people would be excited about.”

Hargrove has set up two challenging tracks—a junior track for individuals 48 inches and up and an adult track for those at least 57 inches.

The British-made karts have a top end speed of about 60 km/h, which can be achieved on the long straightaway.

“At the end of the straight you will have to get on the brake to get around that corner,” he said. “The track design has a lot of corners, so it’s not one of those tracks where you’re full throttle the whole way around. You’re going to have to get on the gas, get on the brake.”

Being electric, Hargrove says the karts are not dissimilar to street versions of electric cars. You’re going to have more torque, he said.

While most of us have at some time driven gas powered go karts, Hargrove says these offer a different driving experience.

“People who have raced gas go-karts before may feel it’s a bit of a different experience, but it’s something I think people will get addicted to, that instant torque coming out of the corners.

“These karts also have lithium-ion batteries, the newest technology, the best go-karts we could get and, as a result, the karts handle really well. They are a little lighter than some of the other electric karts people may have driven.”

Hargrove said everything is in place to open up, with just some last minute details left to finish.

Information on the opening will be announced on Kelowna Karting’s website and social media pages.

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