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Local leaders in HVAC, building automation, and electrical, Kimco Controls, celebrate 40 years in business this month.

The technology company that services the Thompson-Okanagan region from three offices in Kelowna, Cranbrook, and Penticton has continued to evolve successfully over the last four decades through a simple strategy: putting people first.

“Kimco has always invested in not only the business but its people,” chief financial officer and director of personnel Mark Hartwick says. “In my 18 years with the company, I’ve seen employees start families and move through different life stages. It has been such a joy to watch not only their careers grow but their lives. This is the real success that we see.”

The importance of relationships extends to both employees and clients. This focus has allowed Kimco to build connections across its service regions while supplying the highest quality of service and satisfaction for everyone involved. The result is meaningful interactions that keep people invested in what they are doing.

“Our people are the essence of our company, and working closely with our clients while building personal relationships with them is what makes my work fulfilling,” director of business development Ken Watt says. “Being a part of Kimco has been the highlight of my career, and I couldn’t envision a better professional journey.”

Over 40 years, Kimco has produced remarkable growth, from 28 employees in 2012 to more than 70 today. With that increase, the level of service has never stalled and kept pace only with the company’s contributions to B.C. businesses.

“Marking Kimco’s forty years is both exciting and inspiring,” director of HVAC and sales Mark Janssen says. “The secret to our longevity has always been the people. By putting people first, we’ve grown sustainably and successfully to become the technology leaders we are today. I could not be more proud to have played a part in that journey.”

What it means to put people first

In a fast-paced world that places increasing value on data and artificial intelligence, Kimco Controls, a building technology company, holds true to its people-first values through more than excellent compensation and benefits.

The company emphasizes promoting from within, and owners Hartwick, Janssen and Watt all started at the company as employees themselves.

“Having been with Kimco for more than 23 years, the company’s 40th anniversary holds immense sentimental value for me,” Watt says. “Being part of the team as an employee was a genuine pleasure, and that joy has only grown as I transitioned to leading and owning a part of the company.

“I eagerly anticipate many more years ahead, witnessing the growth of the company and the bonds we forge along the way.”

By nurturing talent from the inside, Kimco not only encourages employee growth but also engrains industry knowledge and the organizational culture of employees.

“When you promote from within, they already share the same quality and vision and are involved in how we operate, what we strive for, and what we expect from our workers,” newly promoted general manager of HVAC, Mark Deighton, recently shared on the Kimco blog. Deighton has been with Kimco for over a decade.

Moving the industry forward

The company’s passion for HVAC, electrical and building automation technologies is also contagious and means that its employees are always bettering themselves and the industry.

New technologies

In four decades, Kimco’s services and expertise have never stagnated. Quick to embrace new technologies, the company has evolved to offer not only commercial HVAC and electrical services but building automation—a burgeoning sector poised to help lower the environmental impact of buildings.

In 2017, Kimco expanded its electrical services to encompass solar power, electric vehicle chargers and grow facilities.

As industries develop, Kimco will continue to evolve its services and skill sets to stay at the forefront of building technology.

Professional development and mentorship

Training current employees and other industry professionals in new technology, as well as actively investing in the professional development of staff, is critical to Kimco’s way of working.

Kimco helps train professionals in building automation for all levels and will send its technicians for professional development opportunities when necessary.

“We make sure technicians are trained so that they can do the job right, well, safely and up to code. We put a lot of investment into that,” Hartwick says. “It’s preparing for the future and what we need to provide our clients to be industry leaders.”

Recruiting apprentices into a team of seasoned and experienced professionals from multiple disciplines also bakes mentorship into the day-to-day. Knowledge and information are shared, and there is no gatekeeping of expertise between technicians.

“We’ve made a positive impact on the industry within the community by how we do our work,” Hartwick says. “We never compromise quality.”

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Kimco Controls has been the local go-to for automation and controls in Interior B.C. for 40 years. Passionate about automation, electrical, and HVAC in Kelowna and B.C.’s Thompson-Okanagan region, Kimco is constantly innovating to provide the best service possible. For more information, visit

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