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The Hub has new wheels! The new wrap was inspired by anonymous British graffiti artist Banksy’s Behind The Curtain. In this case it’s a metaphor for pulling back the curtain to expose a renewed night life in Penticton.

When the dynamic duo of Loree Hubner and Kori Iceton both agree that something is good, they take the first two letters of their first names and say it is “LoKo approved.”

Let’s just say the new chef at the Hub on Martin in Penticton, which is co-owned by Hubner and Iceton, is LoKo approved.

“He’s the owner of Big Willy’s food truck, which I’m a personal fan of,” Hubner says. “So that was all it took for me.”

New chef Bill Myra also spent 10 years as the chef at Peachland’s Gasthaus on the Lake, so he brings quite the resume to the Hub. His new menu will launch on May 1, featuring a blend of cherished classics and innovative dishes.

“We’re keeping the fan favourites like our flatbreads, Martin Street clubhouse and lettuce wraps, but adding new options like the steak sandwich and Caesar salad,” Iceton says, mentioning the forthcoming pork belly, and chicken and brie sandwich.

“With Bill we’re able to kind of venture out of our comfort zone a little bit and try some new stuff.”

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Further enhancing their culinary offerings, the pub has refined its Taco Tuesday program, offering a selection of $5 tacos, including options for meat lovers, vegetarians and seafood enthusiasts. Acoustic Wednesday, meanwhile, is partnered with prawn and wing night. The Hub has 17 flavours for its chicken and cauliflower wings to go along with its delicious prawns.

Once again, LoKo approved.

At the heart of the Hub on Martin, however, is the music. The joint is jumping several nights a week with talented musical groups from nearly every genre you can think of, and the atmosphere is accentuated with the occasional comedian and Tuesday karaoke night. Some of the performers set to grace the stage are Shalisa, Mama Wheelie, Daniel Wesley, The Young ‘Uns and Ari Neufeld. The full list of performers can be found here.

The Hub charges a $10 cover on Friday and Saturday nights, but that money goes to ensuring top talent makes its way to the Hub on Martin stage. The pub has LoKo approved speakers and equipment from Skaha Sound, guaranteeing top-quality music makes it into your ears.

“We’re just all about creating memories and creating moments for people to come out and have fun and relax,” Iceton says.

The Hub is currently conducting a contest where one lucky winner will receive a no-cover pass until April 1, 2025. All you have to do to enter is go to the website and join the Hub Club email group.

The Hub is family friendly until 7 p.m. every day, making all guests feel welcome, and it will soon be launching a mini-menu for the little ones. Once the kids are tucked into bed, the kitchen will be open until 11 p.m. every day—no ifs, ands or buts.

“It’s always like that,” Hubner says. “You’ll never come here at ten to eleven and not get to order from our kitchen. That has been really important to us. Even when it’s quiet, there’s no closing early. We will always be there when we say we’re there.”

The pub is open until at least midnight Sunday through Thursday and until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

In other words, the Hub on Martin has everything covered.

Great food.

Great music.

Great atmosphere.

“We want to be your neighbourhood pub,” Iceton says. “We want to be a place you can visit once or twice a week at an affordable price, your everyday friendly neighbourhood pub.”

For more information about the Hub on Martin, visit its website here.

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