Keith Construction helps out
Tracey Prediger - Jan 15, 2024 - Get Involved

Photo: Tracey Prediger
Bryce Dahlen and Judy Korol in front of the new sign.

When grabbing snacks from the concession stand at Vernon’s Towne Theatre, you may notice new signage prominently displayed over the popcorn machine.

The sign represents Keith Construction’s 10-year financial commitment to the Towne.

Bryce Dahlen learned from his grandfather, who started the company, just how important it is for local business owners to give back to the community.

“My brother and I are the third (generation) carrying things on, and it feels good to support local and one of the busiest local theatres in Canada,” he said.

While the sign will hang above the concession stand, Dahlen said the Towne will be able to use the $30,000 in any way it would like.

Judy Korol is the sponsorship chair for the Towne and said the money will be used to maximize government funding that matches local donations of up to $60,000.

“We did win a government grant, but as you know grants have to be matched locally, and so we thank Bryce for coming forward and helping us with a good portion of that,” said Korol, who points out there is room for more contributions if any other businesses would like to come forward.

The Towne Theatre has been a part of Vernon’s downtown core for more than 100 years and is dedicated to promoting and enhancing community events.

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