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The owner of a local automatic pool cover company has a message for clients everywhere: 2024 is the year of customer service. 

After a demanding couple of years since the COVID-19 pandemic led to a boom in the pool industry, it’s time for customers to get the service they deserve, says Allan Horwood, owner and CEO of B.C.-based Pool Patrol

“The pool industry exploded in 2021 and is only slowing down now,” Horwood says. “In 2024, customers deserve the opportunity to make educated purchasing decisions, do their research and receive a higher level of customer service in all industries.”

The rush for a backyard getaway meant the possibility of snap decisions and lower standards of customer service in the industry, he explains. 

Horwood, who is fresh from visiting the 2023 International Pool Spa and Patio Expo in Las Vegas, is inspired to spread this message in part after seeing a number of new names in the pool business.  

“It makes sense to see more start-ups in the industry, and it’s not a bad thing,” he says. “But as the industry has slowed down, I want to ensure customers get the great service they are entitled to.” 

Want great service? Go old school

Horwood is an expert on customer service; it’s a pillar of his automatic pool cover company. Now, more than ever, he sees this as a time for consumers to take a step back and do a proper checklist before making a big purchase. His number one piece of advice? Pick up the phone.

“I still believe in old-school phone calls,” he says. “Some companies don’t even list a phone number now; what’s going to happen if you need help with your purchase or have an issue?”

Beyond phone calls, Horwood encourages researching a company to know where the product is coming from.

“The other thing we’re seeing in our industry is a lot of buyouts, creating conglomerates,” Horwood explains. “So when buying for your pool, it’s worth looking into where the product is coming from, who you’ll ultimately be supporting, and who will be providing the customer service.”

Focusing on what they do best

Heading into 2024, Pool Patrol is happy to see demand slow so the pool cover company can fine-tune its level of customer service by building internally. By focusing on staff and customer satisfaction, Pool Patrol can continue to do what it does best—keep B.C. families safe. 

“We’re busier than ever but still locally owned and still the same faces helping you out,” Horwood says. “We’re just putting together the pieces of the puzzle to give the best service yet in 2024.” 

Photo: Contributed

Pool Patrol installs and services automatic pool covers in the Lower Mainland and interior B.C. while taking your family’s safety to heart. Pool Patrol’s flagship Vancouver office has served the Lower Mainland from Vancouver to Chilliwack since 1995 before expanding to include a Kelowna warehouse in 2018 to serve the Okanagan Valley better.

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