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If you are in need of a little support in your quest to live a healthier life, joining the Kelowna Downtown YMCA would be the perfect place to start.

After all, when you join the Downtown Y, you are imbedding yourself in a community that welcomes one and all.

“I have been a part of the YMCA for over 20 years,” Kelowna Downtown Y health and wellness co-ordinator Blake Green says, “and I am just as passionate about sharing in our core values as I was on day one.”

Those core values are what make the Kelowna Downtown Y so accepting. It is dedicated to fostering health, wellness and a sense of belonging among residents of all ages. The Y isn’t just a fitness centre; it’s a cornerstone of community health, offering an inclusive, supportive environment where everyone is welcome.

In fact, the Downtown Y has been more than just a place to exercise since it opened six years ago; it’s been a home away from home for many. With a mission deeply rooted in building a healthier community, the Y prides itself on its ability to cater to a diverse demographic, ranging from infants to seniors. This generational aspect underscores the Y’s role in the life of the community.

As well, the Y recognizes financial barriers can hinder access to health and fitness resources, so the local charity offers financial assistance for anyone who cannot afford the full cost of a membership. This is made possible through the support of generous local donors ensuring everyone, regardless of their financial situation, can access programs, family activities and health resources that can help them thrive.  

The Downtown Y’s culture is centred around creating an environment where everyone feels like part of a family. With access to friendly health coaches who can help you realize your goals—at no extra cost—the Downtown Y is a welcoming support network to draw upon. And those who join the Downtown Y are also a part of a larger group, with automatic access to the Kelowna Family Y, making it possible to enjoy a lunch hour workout close to the office during the week, to bring the kids to swim lessons or to have some fun family time on the weekend.

In a bid to welcome more members into this nurturing community, Kelowna Downtown Y is offering a free, seven-day trial until the end of December. This initiative is part of their ongoing effort to make fitness and wellness accessible to all downtown residents and anyone who seeks the community feel the Downtown Y can offer.

Learn more about the Downtown Y’s health coaching options as well as fitness classes from a heart-pumping bootcamp class to the calm of yoga or barre—all included in membership—at

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