Walmart upgrades ahead
The Canadian Press - Dec 01, 2023 - Business Buzz

Photo: The Canadian Press

Walmart Canada says it will invest nearly $1 billion this fiscal year on a slew of projects meant to modernize the retail giant’s Canadian footprint.

The spending will include more than $300 million for store remodels and renovations.

Some of the chain’s stores will be altered to include larger produce areas with an expanded assortment of products, more space for employees to prepare customer orders and clearer aisle markers.

Walmart will also bring a “store of the future” to Mississauga, Ont., where shoppers will find electronics typically stored in product cases are instead set up in open displays allowing for more interaction.

Also in the electronics department, customers will be able to see real-time product availability, scan a QR code to place orders and experience immediate on-site delivery by an associate.

The location will be rounded out with a health hub that brings Walmart’s pharmacy, vision centre and medical clinic into one area.

The changes are part of a five-year transformation Walmart Canada announced in July 2020 to overhaul store infrastructure and the customer experience with $3.5 billion in improvements.

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