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Okanagan Edge Staff - Nov 27, 2023 - Biz Releases

Photo: The Canadian Press

If you really want to make saving money your New Year’s resolution, Launch Okanagan’s Matched Saving program might be just want you need.

The program consists of 10 90-minute financial education classes, and each month participants save $25 to $50 toward their year-end goal.

The bonus is Launch Okanagan will match what you save by three times the amount, with a maximum of $1,800. So if you can save $600 over the course of the year, you will have $2,400 when all is said and done.

The ultimate goal, however, is to make sure you learn how to save on your own.

“While this program is designed to build financial knowledge, skills and monthly savings habits, graduates consistently tell us it’s the confidence that they have gained that has made the most difference to their lives,” Launch Okanagan executive director Jennifer Robins said in a press release.

This year’s program will be sponsored by First West Foundation and Valley First, a division of First West Credit Union. Both organizations have been long-time partners of Launch Okanagan, and this is their second year supporting the Matched Savings program.

One person who participated in the program said it helped them in more ways than one.

“Although the focus was on finances, I learned that I had the ability to move forward in my life,” the participant said. “This was huge for me. I began to believe in myself and the fact that I have the ability to rise above my problems and difficulties.

“It has supported me to be able to transform my life and achieve major change. It allowed me to move forward in a positive direction. The financial skills and knowledge I acquired are working well. In fact, I am surprised at how well they have been working in my life.”

The deadline to apply for the Matched Saving program is Dec. 8 and can be done here.

Launch Okanagan is always looking for individuals or businesses who are willing to donate to the program as well. That can be done here.

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