OK Frozen Dough expands
Cindy White - Nov 15, 2023 - Biz Releases

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An Armstrong business is expanding and opening a new manufacturing facility in Alberta.

OK Frozen Dough CEO Bruce Glaicar said the expansion will allow the company to better serve its current customer base.

Nothing will change at the Armstrong facility, which will remain the headquarters. The new plant in Balzac, Alta. will allow for more production and is expected to open in 2024.

“We’ve bought an existing building. … Equipment is being installed now,” Glaicar said. “Well definitely by Q1, I hope that we’re producing dough here.”

OK Frozen Dough was founded by Philip Thornton and Kevin Fors in 1994. Over time, the company solidified its reputation and expanded its footprint to serve major grocers all over Western Canada. The company has enjoyed significant growth while maintaining its consistent quality and 100% fill rates for all customers.

The decision to open a facility in Calgary was influenced by multiple factors, including meeting the needs of an ever-growing customer base with facilities on both sides of the Rocky Mountains, the ability to work closely with the Armstrong plant and to ensure supply chain stability.

Glaicar, who became company CEO in 2016, was born and raised in Armstrong. He currently lives in Enderby.

“I’ve lived here all my life. I started working with Snow Cap next door, who actually distributes some of our product today,” Glaicar said. “I’ve been with OK Frozen for just over 17 years now.”

The company said its success wouldn’t be possible without plant manager James Godfray, and the entire management and production team.

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