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BLUETTI’s power-saving devices can help ensure sustained connectivity at a critical time.

People around the world have never been more dependent upon technology that helps ensure and preserve safety, comfort and resilience in the face of a natural disaster or an infrastructure failure that results in a long-term power outage.

BLUETTI, a pioneering leader in innovative energy storage solutions, was founded to create products that address this very need.

And now, BLUETTI has introduced a comprehensive set of safety guidelines that helps individuals and communities manage unexpected power outages effectively.

Here are some of the key guidelines:

Prior to a natural disaster

BLUETTI’s AC300&B300 is designed to last through extended periods of power unavailability.

Keep you and your loved ones well informed. Regularly check trustworthy sources—local news outlets, emergency management agencies and government emergency notification services—for information about potential events that may lead to a power outage. 

Also, ensure you know your building or neighbourhood’s designated evacuation pathways and assembly areas.

A comprehensive emergency kit should also contain essential goods for survival, including non-perishable food, potable water, medications, first-aid provisions, illuminative devices, batteries, battery-operated radios and documents such as photo IDs and health-care cards.

For people heavily reliant on electronic devices, a BLUETTI EB3A, EB55 or EB70S portable power station can help ensure sustained connectivity at a critical time.

If you have a family, develop an evacuation plan that includes a selection of routes and a pre-established meet-up location. Rehearse your strategies to ensure each family member knows their responsibilities and how to carry them out.

You should also take steps to ensure an enduring backup-power infrastructure for your home. BLUETTI’s AC300+B300 and AC500+B300S are designed to last through extended periods of power unavailability, whether due to a wildfire, an ice storm or virtually everything in between.

The AC300+B300’s solar-charging capacity is powerful enough to facilitate sustained operation of essential household appliances, lighting, heating and more. Meanwhile, the AC500+B300S is an expandable power system designed to help you go through power outages and stay connected to unlimited energy, ensuring anything you plug in will be running to its full functionality and capacity.

When a natural disaster is in progress

Remain calm and refer to information sources that are reporting real-time developments. Comply with any official instructions, such as when and where to seek shelter. Assemble your family members in a secure area, away from windows and exterior walls.

In the event of a mandated evacuation, use only recommended routes and bring your essential emergency provisions alongside BLUETTI backup-power resources. Don’t return home until official sources confirm it’s safe to do so.

When a natural disaster has ended


Carefully assess any potential safety risks on and around your property and meticulously document any damage. Photos are especially useful if you need to submit an insurance claim. Continue to monitor local news outlets and authorized organizations to remain informed about ongoing recovery efforts, availability of emergency shelters and locations for relief distribution.

While a natural disaster is one of the most significant challenges an individual, family or community can face, being thoroughly prepared—along with resources like BLUETTI’s power solutions—provides increased safety and peace of mind.

BLUETTI is committed to promoting sustainability and green-energy solutions. The quality of its eco-friendly energy storage solutions has helped the company expand its reach to more than 100 countries and gain the trust of millions of customers worldwide.

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