Uride gets kids geared up
Okanagan Edge Staff - Sep 01, 2023 - Get Involved

Photo: Uride

It’s time to go back to school, and a local ride sharing company is trying to make sure every child has what they need.

Uride is taking its Good Deeds Day and donating backpacks filled with school supplies to selected elementary schools in the cities in which it operates.

“Children are the future,” Uride founder and CEO Cody Roberto said in a press release. “Investing in their education and well-being is crucial. By ensuring they have the essential tools, we are actively contributing to their journey of knowledge and growth.” 

Uride operates in B.C., Alberta and Ontario, and it is donating backpacks to 16 schools in those provinces.

That includes Kelowna’s Watson Road Elementary, which will be on the receiving end of backpacks, notebooks, calculators, pencil crayons and more. The intent is to alleviate some pressures faced by parents, teachers and school administrations while bolstering the learning experience for students.

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