Car sales support families
Casey Richardson - Aug 09, 2023 - Get Involved

Photo: Dragonfly Pond Family Society

Penticton’s Parkers Chrysler Community Connection announced the launch of its Kids Care edition to support three local non-profits throughout August and September.

Parkers Chrysler will donate $100 for every vehicle sold, with a goal of $10,000 to BGC Okanagan Infant Development Program, Dragonfly Pond Family Society and Agur Lake Camp.

At the conclusion of the campaign, Parkers Chrysler said it will give the money raised to those non-profits to help them provide more support to the families that utilize their programs.

“Our community is so important to us, and we are ecstatic to have started Community Connection and to launch it with this initial campaign to support BGC Okanagan Infant Development program, Dragonfly Pond Family Society and Agur Lake Camp,” GM Jim Tabler said in a press release.

“We hope the community will embrace this initiative and support us so we can make a considerable contribution to these great organizations and provide a boost to the amazing work that they already do to help families in our communities.”

“People with disabilities have many barriers which can be isolating,” said Jeannette Poulso of Agur Lake Camp. “Being able to participate in camping, fishing, boating, campfires and completely barrier-free walkways is an experience that would not be available if it were not for Agur Lake Camp.”

Over the next two months, Parkers Chrysler said it will also be highlighting non-profits through its Facebook and Instagram accounts.

“This is the start of a new Community Connections initiative to give back to numerous non-profits throughout the South Okanagan,” Parkers Chrysler added.

“Join us in this heartwarming journey and drive change, one vehicle at a time.”

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