Contracts can get tricky
Contributed - Jul 25, 2023 - Columnists

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The business law team at FH&P Lawyers has been assisting clients for more than 100 years in the Okanagan and is rooted in community. The team provides legal services to people just starting out or who have been around for decades, regardless if they are an individual with a small business or a large multi-jurisdictional corporation.

This FH&P Lawyers podcast entitled “Law Talk” educates listeners on business matters including whether or not to incorporate, estate planning with a business and all other legal issues businesses face. You are welcome to ask our lawyers a question, and they will answer it during an upcoming podcast. Email [email protected] with your questions.


There are times when a standard form contract just won’t do.

This week on Law Talk, Clay Williams and Tanvir Gill of FH&P Lawyers discuss everything you need to know if you are selling or buying a business that has more layers than a usual transaction.

FH&P Lawyers has a full due diligence panel that it will put into action leading up to a purchase, all in an effort to ensure every aspect of the deal is done properly. Little mistakes can lead to big problems, especially if it’s a share deal, and FH&P knows which contracts to use with each issue that arises.

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