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A local leader in pool safety covers has unveiled a new online presence. 

Pool Patrol, B.C.’s leading automatic pool cover company, has launched the new website, marking an investment in the safety of families across British Columbia by sharing the local history, technical innovations and myriad benefits the company can provide.

“Pool Patrol keeps families safe, that’s always been our number one priority,” says Allan Horwood, owner and CEO of Pool Patrol.

“By launching this new website, we share our mission boldly and clearly—to keep the backyard a place to gather while removing the safety concerns that can come with having an open pool in the backyard, especially with little ones around. As a father myself, there’s nothing more important than keeping my family safe, and that feeling of reassurance is what Pool Patrol wants to share with families across B.C.”

New digital presence

The launch of the new website helps new and prospective clients easily understand the benefits, different types and technical information of automatic pool safety covers pool owners may be curious about. The new website can be viewed at

B.C. born and raised

Pool Patrol has always been a local B.C. company, and the new website tells that story by featuring its history, team and legacy. Founded in Vancouver in 1995 by Horwood, Pool Patrol quickly carved out a niche in the swimming pool industry by focusing its efforts on pool safety covers. By 2005, the company was leading the industry, selling more swimming pool auto covers in B.C. than were being sold across the rest of Canada. 

Having that level of safety and service available right here in the province has always been dear to Horwood’s heart, and Pool Patrol will continue to be proudly local, servicing B.C. from its head office in Vancouver and a warehouse in Kelowna.

Its flagship Vancouver office has served the Lower Mainland from Vancouver to Chilliwack since 1995, before expanding to include a Kelowna warehouse in 2018 to better serve the Okanagan Valley.

Mission and vision

Another important update to the website is sharing the company’s mission and vision, to keep B.C. families safe, one pool cover at a time. The pillars of the company’s service include creating safer spaces, fostering relationships, to never stop improving and always remain local.

“We’re committed to always move forward. If you believe in your business you need the drive to keep holding yourself to the highest standard, no matter what. We can always do better and Pool Patrol will forever be dedicated to giving the people of B.C. the best—for their safety, their families, what’s closest to their hearts,” Horwood says of Pool Patrol’s mission.

Why use a pool cover?

Pool safety covers are made of high-strength fabric running on tracks to cover swimming pools either automatically or manually hand-cranked. A covered pool prevents accidents with humans or wildlife finding their way into the pool, keeps dirt and debris out of the water, and simplifies swimming pool maintenance.

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