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Realty One Ltd. is a single point access for real estate trade services, strata management and property management.  

The company’s competitive positioning is very strong, as its fees for service are competitive. This is accomplished by having the support tasks in each service overlap. For example, the accounting for real estate property management and strata management can be done within the same accounting department. The uniqueness of Realty One’s product is based on its licensing; the brokerage holds licences and strata management, property management and real estate trade services. 

Managing broker Jim Henry has 35 years of broad experience over real estate trade services, property management and strata management. Additionally, Liz Bennett has 30 years. This experience is unique to the market. Clients will find they are highly competitive in their fees for service, but just as important the client will find it hard to find a company that can provide all levels of knowledgeable service.

Additionally, Realty One provides access to the Power Strata program, the benefits of which can be found in the video below.

Bennett, a strata and property manager with Realty One, knows all too well how stressed strata managers in large corporations are. That’s because until a few months ago she was one.

It’s rough out there for strata managers and those at large, understaffed companies, and that is why Bennett decided to join Realty One. It’s a boutique firm that specializes in strata management, real estate trade services and property management.

Realty One maintains a manageable number of strata corporations as clients and makes each one a priority. Bennett saw a carousel of young strata managers at other companies attempting to manage revolving strata files. Realty One strata managers maintain their strata clients and are not shuffled on to unfamiliar files.

“We’re an experienced group” Henry says, “and we are looking forward to add a number of new stratas.”

The Realty One team also offers property management services for rentals. Realty One property management finds the tenants, does the vetting and provides monthly statements and money transfers to the landlord.

Realty One also handles real estate, so if you purchase a home through the company, it is happy to be able to walk you through the process, especially if it’s a strata property.

“We may not be international, but we know what we are doing,” Bennett says. “We’ve got years of experience, and we want to maintain your property properly. We have the time to invest in your property.”

More information about Realty One can be found on its website here.

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