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Was there any doubt Lori Lancaster would end up working in real estate?

Her childhood left little doubt about that.

“My parents were flippers when I was a little girl,” Lancaster says. “On Sundays I would have to go to open houses. It all started from there. And then I married into a real estate family without even knowing.”

Yes, real estate is in the Realtor’s blood, which definitely gets pumping when she finds the perfect home for her clients or grows their portfolio.

Serving the South Okanagan, Lancaster thrives as a self-proclaimed “girl boss,” waking at 4 a.m. each day, writing her hopes, emotions and dreams in a journal, and then getting to work. She is a high-energy go-getter whose motto says it all: “You’ll be sorry if if you don’t call Lori.”

Lancaster, who is a wife and mom to a 19-year-old son and 16-year-old girl, was a real estate assistant for 14 years before branching out on her own. That experience gave her the knowledge base she uses today.

“I was really lucky to learn the bones and the roots of the career,” she says. “Trying to be present and give everybody what I would expect from a Realtor might be what holds me alone. I’m also really proud of my clients. I’m extremely happy for them.

“I want to try to get and do the smartest and best decision I can. I really try not to be pushy. I have to remember how I would want it. Your financial comfortability is a big thing for me. Being house poor is not in my vocabulary.”

That means Lancaster will put the pause on a deal if she thinks it is not suitable for her client. Seeing them happy is what makes her happy.

“My favourite thing to do is grow some of my clients’ real estate portfolio,” she says. “If they’re younger, and I think there’s a potential that we can keep that rental property, I’m going to try and keep that rental property. I work with another mortgage broker, and if we can take the equity from that to get that, next thing you know I’ve grown their portfolio. That’s a win for me.”

Lancaster has also started working on new construction projects with developers, including Lemonade Lane in Okanagan Falls and The Riverside in Penticton.

She is also big on supporting women in business and giving back to her community as much as possible, helping out sports teams and charitable endeavours.

To learn more about what Lancaster can do for your real estate dreams, visit her website here.

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Lemonade Lane is a 40-home development in Okanagan Falls.

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