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Normally when you go on a diet, you do it on your own, and it’s hard to do on your own. If you’ve experienced ‘yo-yo’ dieting, you know this for sure. You probably also know keeping the weight off is almost harder than losing it.

There is a new clinic in Penticton called Weight Loss for Life that offers in-person, one-on-one support each week with coach and owner Karen Pettinger.

“You get that live, in-person support, which is really necessary for that accountability,” Pettinger says. “It’s somebody to have on your shoulder when you’re thinking about having that glass of wine or piece of cake. Having accountability and support is really important.”

Pettinger worked for Ideal Protein for almost 10 years in a business support role, training coaches and helping clinics grow. She saw a need for a clinic in Penticton after the two clinics in town stopped offering the service and there was a gap that needed filling.

She opened Weight Loss for Life, which is located in Well Pharmacy at 2504 Skaha Lake Rd., in January.

Weight Loss for Life uses the Ideal Protein weight management program, which is a medically developed low fat, low carb, ketogenic protocol using high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals to help you safely and quickly reset your metabolism to burn fat and get to your goal fast.

It is a three-phase protocol, with the first all about losing the weight you want to shed. The second and third phases get into changing your lifestyle to help you keep the weight off for good. The business is called Weight Loss for Life, after all.

“The biggest fear, actually, for people who diet is gaining it back,” Pettinger says. “Losing weight is not easy, but keeping it off is truly the hardest part of weight loss.”

Once you lose the weight and are living the lifestyle required to keep it off, Weight Loss for Life is still there to support you when life happens. You might get off track while on vacation or during stressful times of your life.

“We’re dedicated to helping people keep it off for life and to have a healthy life,” Pettinger says.

Those interested in Weight Loss for Life are encouraged to sign up for a free consultation with Pettinger. That can be done so here.

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