Unused RVs make you money
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Do you have an RV that sits in your driveway unused for many weeks of the year?

If so, RVR Kelowna has a way for you to recoup some of the cost of your investment.

The nine-year-old Kelowna-based company runs what is essentially a rental pool program for RVs, with owners providing the vehicles, which are rented out by RVR during a season that runs from the start of April to the end of October.

“We look after all calls and issues, including the rental, orientation (for renters), cleaning and any damages, essentially removing the headaches of renting out an RV,” says Clinton Dixson, a co-owner of RVR Kelowna.

“One of the biggest concerns from owners is the potential for damages. However, incidents are quite rare and we’ve never experienced irreparable damage.”

The vehicles are stored for free during the rental season at the company’s secure location near The Jammery, north of Kelowna. RVR also offers discounted out-of-season storage.

With RVing a popular summer pastime, especially here in B.C.’s southern Interior, demand is high for a wide variety of vehicles, from small RVs such as camper vans and large motorhome RVs. As a result, the company is currently looking for newer models (2015 models and newer) to join its program.

Currently, the company has about 25 units of different sizes in its rental inventory but it would like to increase that number, says Dixson.

He says with the high cost of RVs now, the company’s program offers an ideal and worry-free way for owners to recoup some of their costs during times when the vehicle is not being used.

He says smaller RVs and converted vans can typically generate between $8,000 and $10,000 a year in rental revenue, while camper vans and larger motorhomes RV can generate $12,000 to $13,000 a year.

While owners have to commit to an entire season (April to October) of participation, there is no minimum contract in terms of how many seasons an owner must sign up for. There is also no limit on how much time an owner can remove their vehicle from the program for their own use during a season. But Dixson cautions, using a vehicle in the program too much during the peak summer months can affect the revenue the vehicle can generate.

The company has a minimum rental time of three nights for the shoulder season and five nights for the peak season. Renters can rent from RVR for up to 30 days.

Revenue rentals are split 50-50 between RVR and the unit’s owner.

As an alternative to popular RV rental websites like Outdoorsy or RVezy, their RV Rental Consignment program creates a completely hassle free option for RV owners to earn money passively.

In addition to a wide array of camper vans and RVs. The company also rents travel trailers and tent packages for 2 or 4 people.

For more information about RVR Kelowna’s program, go to its website at rvrentalskelowna.com or call 1-844-760-0004.




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