New restaurant at One Water
Cindy White - Mar 16, 2023 - Biz Releases

Reg Henry didn’t get to see his vision for a high-end restaurant in downtown Kelowna fulfilled, but his wish has come true.

Wednesday was the grand opening of Erica Jane, named for Henry’s daughter, who died of cancer at a young age. Henry, a co-founder of the Kelly O’Bryan’s franchise, passed away in late 2021, right as the plans for the restaurant at the base of One Water Street were being finalized.

“He did all the design work, kind of got all the balls up in the air for us and then, unfortunately, passed away in December (2021). So we’re just kind of carrying on and finishing it the way he envisioned,” chef-partner Chris Braun said.

Taking pride of place in the space is a painting by local artist Bobby Vandenhoom. It immortalizes both Reg and Erica Jane as their spirit animals and hangs on the wall right by the front door.

Braun said the menu also follows through on Reg’s vision. “He wanted lots of seafood, lots of big steak cuts reflective of that old-world steakhouse, but obviously something new and shiny and upbeat.”

Erica Jane is hoping to attract not just vacationers, but plenty of local diners as well, including their direct neighbours, the residents of One Water Street.

Braun said while they haven’t been open long enough to say they have “regulars,” the faces they see walk by every day will hopefully become frequent visitors.

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