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Jonas Nohr last week saw first-hand just how serious the problem of business property damage in Kelowna has become.

The Film Co. Window Films founder was called out to install security film at a business whose front doors had been smashed. He looked 50 metres one way and noticed another business whose windows were covered in boards. He looked across the street and saw another business whose windows had suffered the same fate. The worst part is all three were separate incidents.

There is clearly an epidemic when it comes to business property damage in the Central Okanagan, but the good news is Nohr’s company has the answer. Security film is applied to the window and anchored to the frame, which prevents people from getting through the glass. 

Photo: Contributed

“It’s just a clear film,” Nohr says. “You don’t even see it. It holds the glass together in the event something hits it.”

There are many examples of how strong security film can be. Online videos show high-powered rifles destroying an unprotected window in one or two shots. A protected window, meanwhile, does not shatter when rifle bullets pierce it.

Security film is a small investment that will go a long way towards protecting your business. Several national brands with locations in the Okanagan and Shuswap have used his services in the last few months.

It’s not just businesses that can gain from The Film Co. Window Films; there is a long list of benefits that can be gained by putting film on your windows at home.

The most attractive benefit, of course, is cost savings. When the sun cooks your rooms like an oven during the summer, your air conditioning has to go the extra mile to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Solar or reflective film can keep that energy out of your home and save you money. It’s the same story in the winter, as windows are often the No. 1 way heat escapes your home.

Nohr hears from many satisfied customers on that front.

“They love the savings,” Nohr says. “When there’s heat reduction in the house, the air conditioning’s not working as hard. And on the flip side of that, it’s also an insulator. So it’s keeping heat in during the winter.”

Other reasons to have film applied to your windows include cutting down on TV glare, preventing fading of furniture and artwork and last, but not least, privacy. No one really wants their neighbour watching them as they get out of the shower, do they?

“That’s something I hear every day,” Nohr says with a chuckle.

There are hundreds of film options from which to choose, and Nohr will sit down and discuss the kind that is right for your business or home.

Learn more about The Film Co. Window Films on its website here.

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