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Accelerate Okanagan - Mar 08, 2023 - People in Business

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The 2023 OKGN Angel Summit began on Jan. 10, with a group of more than 45 applicants hoping to take home the $225,000 investment fund.

Over the past two months, this year’s angel investors narrowed it down to the final six companies. These courageous founders have demonstrated their commitment to learning the capital raising process and building valuable connections along the way.

One of those founders is Jason Lotoski, the founder of Tonit and the lone Okanagan finalist. Tonit is a social platform that connects motorcycle riders and enthusiasts to a community of like minded people.

The OKGN Angel Summit will be held on March 16 at Kelowna’s Innovation Centre.

Accelerate Okanagan sat down with Lotoski to learn more about his journey to the OKGN Angel Summit final.

What makes you and your team the best ones to build this business?

I come from a family of successful entrepreneurs, so ambition has always been a driving force in my life. As a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast and rider, I am thrilled to have found a way to merge my passion with my goal of building a business that will have a positive impact. With the guidance of my incredible team of advisors I feel confident in my ability to bring this vision to fruition.

Why should investors be interested in your company?

Tonit has the ability to create positive change in the world by connecting people to other real people and a very passionate motorcycle community. Secondly, as Tonit is a fully built social platform, it has the ability to rapidly scale across geographically, as well as expand into other similar industries like cars, off-road vehicles and more. 

If you win the $225,000 investment fund, how do you plan to use the money?

If we win the Angel Summit, we plan to use the fund to take our business to the next level by rapidly expanding and hiring engineers to further improve our product. Our goal is to have Tonit available worldwide by mid-2024, with an emphasis on creating meaningful hubs in major cities. We feel that by investing in these areas we can create a more fulfilling experience for riders everywhere and bring the global motorcycle community closer than ever before. 

What do you feel has contributed most to you reaching the top six?

Meeting face to face with the investors has given me the incredible opportunity to showcase my unwavering passion and dedication to the business. It has also given me the chance to share my excitement about our unique competitive edge and secret sauce. I look forward to leveraging this opportunity to share my vision for the future of Tonit and how we plan to revolutionize the motorcycle community. 

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in participating in the summit? 

If you are an entrepreneur that is looking to make meaningful connections with angel investors then the OKGN Angel Summit is the place for you. The investors come from many different backgrounds and have a wide range of experience. Participating in the summit is a way for early stage entrepreneurs to connect with people who could become some of their first investors or advisors.

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