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Summerland Seniors Village recently opened its long-term care wing, and it did not take long for its benefits to be on full display.

Peter and his wife, June, moved from their Penticton home into the assisted living area of Summerland Seniors Village last July. Peter, however, soon required more daily support, so he was transferred to the facility’s long-term care section. He was the first resident admission to long-term care since 2019, and what eased his transition was the fact June continued to live under the same roof.

Peter and June may have been separated, but they are still together.

“It’s necessary to have her close by, as she is my wife and we love another,” says Peter, who added he is “very pleased to be here and definitely enjoying my stay.”

The opening of the long-term care centre is one of several exciting initiatives taking place at Summerland Seniors Village these days.

The community on Jan. 31 will reopen its adult day program in partnership with Interior Health. ADP is a supportive community program for people who are at risk of losing their independence. Seniors from the community can come to the facility and socialize with their peers while participating in recreational programs in a safe, caring environment.

Not only does the program bring seniors together for some much-needed socialization, but it also gives much needed down time to caregivers at home.

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“People from the community can come in and give a reprieve to the family or their day-to-day caregivers,” community relations manager Harley Elasoff says. “ADP provides relief to the caregivers. We at Summerland Seniors Village are excited to play an important role in the community again.”

Anyone interested in accessing the adult day program is invited to give Interior Health’s central intake a call at 1-800-707-8550.

Another event that promises to bring even more excitement to the Summerland Seniors Village is its 17th birthday on Feb. 15. The festivities will include honouring long-service awards for staff members who have been with the company for five, 10 and 15 years.

“There are so many things to celebrate at SSV for our residents, tenants and families,” Elasoff says. “We are privileged to acknowledge what the team has done. It’s been actually quite heartwarming.

“January’s been a fun month, because we’ve been celebrating things from national hat day to national popcorn day. We hosted a full brunch in our dining room for all of our tenants, residents and staff for Chinese New Year. It’s just stuff like that that is really cool.”

Peter, in fact, indicated everyday life is a big reason why he is loving Summerland Seniors Village, which offers independent living in addition to assisted and long-term care.

“My favourite part about living here are the daily activities,” he says, “and the staff are always helpful and make life pleasant.”

More information about Summerland Seniors Village can be found here.

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