New forestry program launches
Okanagan Edge Staff - Jan 24, 2023 - BC Biz

Photo: Western Forest Products

The provincial government has pledged a certain amount of fibre supply to small and medium-sized manufacturers that create value-added wood products, all in an effort to accelerate the growth of the industry and create jobs.

The BC Timber Sales Value-Added Manufacturing Program will be restricted to facilities that have minimal or no forestry tenure and will require that facilities be accredited as a value-added, secondary manufacturer. The program will dedicate 10% of its available timber supply to the program for licensees to bid on, and more volume is expected in the future.

“We are encouraged to see government recognize that a dedicated fibre allocation for the value-added sector is required,” Interior Lumber Manufacturers’ Association president Paul Rasmussen said in a press release. “We will continue to work closely with the government to ensure the required volume gets delivered to value-added facilities.”

Value-added products include mass timber, plywood, veneer, panelling and flooring, and they are in demand as alternatives to carbon-intensive construction products like cement.

“Our government’s vision is to build a stronger, more resilient forestry industry through more value-added manufacturing,” Minister of Forests Bruce Ralston said. “British Columbians expect that we get the most value from our forests and create more jobs for every tree harvested.

“That’s why we are taking action to ensure innovative, secondary manufacturers have access to the timber they need to invest and grow their operations.”

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