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Members and guests of EO Okanagan gathered recently at 50th Parallel Estate Winery for their 2023 annual holiday gathering, celebrating business, life and friendship.

As a successful business owner in the Okanagan, it is important to surround yourself with positive influences, including friends, family members, and colleagues. 

If you are looking to achieve personal and professional goals, the Entrepreneur Organization (EO) Okanagan may be the right fit for you. 

EO is a non-profit organization founded in 1984 by a group of successful entrepreneurs, including the founder of the California Closet Company. Today, EO has a global presence, with chapters in 61 countries and more than 16,000 business leaders as members. 

EO has consistently been ranked among the top 10 groups to join by reputable sources such as Inc. magazine.

EO Okanagan is a local chapter that serves Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, and surrounding areas. The chapter is comprised of a diverse group of approximately 40 members from various industries, including software, construction, real estate, sports, marketing, finance, and more. 

All members share a growth mindset and support each other in their professional endeavours. Notable members include Daniel Bussiere, a Kelowna Chamber of Commerce 2022 Top 40 Under 40 honouree and Steve Harvey, CEO of Business Finders Canada and a past president of EO Okanagan. 

You may have already walked into businesses owned by some of the EO entrepreneurs, such as Supplement King, which offers the best supplements to improve your health.

EO Okanagan offers a range of events and experiences that focus on business development, personal growth, mindset, learning, socializing, and celebrating. 

One of the key commitments for members is participating in a “forum,” a monthly meeting where a small group of entrepreneurs from non-competing industries comes together to address common challenges business owners face, such as finance, hiring and expansion. These meetings also provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer coaching, with members presenting areas of concern and receiving feedback and shared experiences from the group. 

Forums are professionally moderated to ensure consistent, high-quality meetings. For example, when a member presents an issue, the group begins by asking clarifying questions and then offers shared experiences and guidance. 

“This experience has changed how I operate as a leader,” says Claire Jeong, marketing chair of EO Okanagan. “Instead of jumping to conclusions and offering a lot of ‘should do this or that’ advice, I have learned how to carefully consider complicated business issues and take lessons from the experiences of other business leaders.” 

Personal issues may also be addressed in these confidential setting.

In addition to forum meetings, EO Okanagan also hosts networking and learning events throughout the year, featuring internationally renowned speakers. EO members are known for their dedication to their peers and the local chapter, as well as for their commitment to encouraging each other, thinking big and maintaining a balanced life that includes family and personal growth. 

In times of challenge, the group’s true strength is demonstrated. It is common for members to remain active in the local chapter for 10 years or more, as the support and guidance provided by EO are invaluable to established entrepreneurs. 

“Being a part of EO is like a cheat code for successful entrepreneurs,” says Cam Laker, founder of Purely Pools.

“I can personally attest to the benefits of being a member of EO, as I’ve been a member for over 10 years and have met and learned from some incredible people, many of whom have become my best friends. If you are a successful entrepreneur in the Okanagan looking for personal and business growth, you need to check out EO.”

As a member of EO Okanagan, you will also have access to the organization’s global network. This includes the opportunity to attend exclusive business courses at institutions such as Oxford University and MIT and to connect with entrepreneurs from around the world. EO provides a strong foundation for local networking and growth that can expand exponentially. 

Overall, the experience of being a part of EO Okanagan is highly positive. Tamara Stone, owner of the Stone Sisters Reality Group, says, “I have learned how to be a better business leader, wife, mother and friend through EO. It is an incredible organization where you can share with a close group, and everything is completely confidential. It is easy to feel alone as an entrepreneur, but you find that we all share similar struggles and successes. EO has helped me to grow both personally and professionally, and I am grateful for the support and guidance I have received from the group.”

EO Okanagan is currently growing its chapter and strengthening the business support environment in the Okanagan. 

“We are looking for like-minded entrepreneurs that hold similar EO values of trust and respect, are committed to building deep roots in our chapter and community, and are aligned with our continued goal to grow and learn through and with the diversity of our entrepreneurs and businesses in our chapter,” says Nathan Miller, president of EO Okanagan and winner of the 2022 Canadian Association of Movers Influence award.

If you are interested in joining EO Okanagan and becoming part of this supportive community of entrepreneurs, you are encouraged to reach out to the chapter and learn more about the benefits and opportunities available to members. 

To apply, click here or email at [email protected]. Everyone is welcoming and motivated to include other high performers.

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