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Photo: Center Stage Interior Decorating

When it comes to furniture trends, Kelowna interior designer Tammy Cunningham says we have reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

“We’ve come from the dark side,” Cunningham says. “And now we’re going with everything light and bright—light-coloured flooring, nothing too yellow, nothing too orange, nothing too red. More neutral. Everything for home decor is just light in colour.

Photo: Center Stage Interior Decorating

“No super dark greys anymore. We’re leaning away from the grey. We’re still working with ‘greige,’ which is more of a ‘beigey’ grey.”

That does not mean black has been blacklisted entirely, however. Cunningham, who works at Center Stage Interior Decorating, says black accents are still required to make a room work. Whether it’s cabinet hardware, throw pillows or lighting, black is still a big part of the show.

“It just gives it that little bit of standout, that contrast, that is needed to make it not feel too mundane,” she says.

It’s the same story on the outside of the house as well. Light-coloured wall surfaces and patio furniture are complemented by black accessories due to a trend that is “very hot right now,” according to Cunningham.

As for materials, light-coloured linens are in while leathers take a back seat, and gold is back after Cunningham says, “We finally got all the brass out of Kelowna.”

Photo: Center Stage Interior Decorating

One trend that is completely new for Center Stage Interior Decorating is the number of short-term rental homes it is designing these days. Cunningham says the number of phone calls they get has quadrupled in the last couple of years, and that makes Beachcomber Home Leisure, with locations in Kelowna and in Vernon, a go-to furniture store for them.

“The main reason that we really love working with Beachcomber is that you can shop off the floor. You can have stylish product right now,” she says. “So many stores here in Kelowna, and everywhere else, you go in and you see something pretty and then you order it and it takes a ridiculous amount of time, especially in today’s markets.”

Designing a short-term rental requires a different approach than your permanent residence, as longevity is more important than current trends. In other words, no white couches.

“But we’re going to try to make it look light with our throw pillows and throw blankets or something,” Cunningham says, “but kind of still keep something that’s going to be a little more durable and practical.”

As Cunningham mentioned, Beachcomber Home Leisure has furniture featuring all of today’s hottest trends right on their showroom floor. Learn more about Beachcomber on its website here.

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