Body shaping the Hypoxi way
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It’s the smarter way to lose weight and get the body shape you want.

Hypoxi Okanagan offers its clients a unique, low-impact exercise method combined with advanced vacuum and compression technology and healthy nutrition, which is up to three times more effective at burning stubborn fat than traditional exercise, and it significantly reduces cellulite too.

The Hypoxi method activates the body’s natural system to burn specific areas of fat.

According to Hypoxi Okanagan’s owner Raymin Samra, there’s nothing quite like it in Canada.

She says not only is it low-impact and affordable, some clients even find the technological part soothing.

“A lot of people fall asleep,” she says, when talking about the wearing of a special vacuum and compression suit that helps increase blood flow in the body to aid fat reduction.

“It’s like a cupping session with 300 micro cups.”

The alternating pressure of the vacuum and compression suit—worn for about 20 minutes—stimulates affected tissue and the blood circulation is intensified. 

Photo: contributed

It is the first of two parts of the technological part of the Hypoxi method. The second involves wearing a special belt around the upper abdomen while riding a stationary bicycle that also helps with circulation.

That technology is combined with moderate kinetic training to aid the burning of fat by the muscles and healthy nutrition.

Samra says a key part of the Hypoxi method is what she calls the “2-2-4 rule,” eating a balanced meal two hours before treatment, a no-carb meal (protein and vegetables) two hours after, and a low-carb meal four hours after that.

Eating plans are individually tailored to the needs of individual clients in order to avoid the “yo-yo” effect caused by some diets.

Depending on a client’s goals, Hypoxi can be used for as little as a month for touch-up work or longer for greater results. Samra said to see drastic weight loss, typically a three-month program is recommended. Treatments are reasonably priced compared to other weight-loss treatments and fitness services and pricing is based on the personal tailored package. For information about pricing and other details, see the Hypoxi Okanagan website at or email [email protected]. 

The website includes an extensive FAQ section with plenty of helpful information.

Hypoxi Okanagan opened in Kelowna in March and has already moved to a larger studio at 1326 Water Street downtown.

So, if you are looking for a better way of losing stubborn fat or reducing cellulite, contact Hypoxi Okanagan and talk to one of its well-trained, friendly coaches about for a personalized plan.

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